Top 10 TV shows - Game of Thrones

Television has revolutionized in the past years. Gone are the days when people went to the cinema to refresh themselves. These TV shows have attracted some of the biggest stars in the Hollywood Industry. The quality of these TV shows is also up to the mark.

Despite of the good quality of TV shows, many people still think that watching dramas is just a waste of time. Well, there are some shows which are a waste of time but not all of them. So to make sure that you aren’t wasting your time when you are watching a TV show, here is the list of the top ten TV shows you must see:

10. Homeland

Top 10 TV shows - Homeland

This show has been produced by the great Hollywood director Howard Gordon who made this show after the hit TV series 24. It’s quite a thrilling story with a mix of nudity.

The story begins when a US marine named Nicholas Brody, played by Damian Lewis, is released from the Afghanistan prison after being held as a prisoner for several years. However, there is a twist in the story when a CIA agent Carrie Mathison suspects that he might have been converted and may be planning a terrorist attack on the U.S. soil. The show has a limited run time but it will keep you fixed to your seat with its twists and turns and there will always be a new twist when you think that the show is running out of steam. This show promises to be a thriller, so you should definitely include it in your watch list.

9. Mr. Robot

TV shows mr robot

Mr. Robot is psychological thriller which includes the story of a young guy Elliot who works as an ordinary computer programmer during day time and a secret vigilante hacker at night. There is a turn in the story when Elliot is offered by a vigilante hacker to join forces with him and work to destroy the corporation he is protecting.

There will be some moments in the story where you will go like, “What the hell just happened?” You can consider it a mix of a fight club and social network. What’s more interesting is that the director of the show says that the season 1 story is just a setup for the story of season 2.

8. Game of Thrones

Top 10 TV shows - Game of Thrones

Even if you aren’t a fantasy fan, you should definitely watch this HBO’s epic TV show. There are occasional turns into the supernatural world; you can call it a medieval version of The Sopranos. The main focus of the story is the relationship between the wide range of characters in the story and how it affects the political climate of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. Due to the tricky nature of the show, it’s quite difficult to pinpoint one person around which the story hinges, though Tyrion Lannister is one of the fan’s favorite character.

The show has an immense production and with its adult content and story line, it has quickly become the fan’s favorite. Rest assured, it isn’t a silly fantasy story for the kids; it’s serious and complex.

7. The Sopranos

Top 10 TV shows - Sopranos

The Sopranos is everything you want it to be. It has a sheer breadth of themes. You can either watch the thrilling story which goes across all the seven seasons or you can just watch a single episode with some serious gangster fight. It’s also one of the funniest scripts on television.

The story is built on the darkest ideas. It shows a world which has fallen so low that even mafia bosses find it hard to deal with; now it’s all about one man. The plot is the story of a person named Tony through his own eyes. He has lost his grip on the world he doesn’t understand any more. This is a must watch TV show with its broad range of characters, its sheer ambition.

6. Mad Men

Top 10 TV shows - Mad Men

One of the fantastic style achievement of TV achievement is the making of AMC’s Mad Men which follows the story of an advertising agency in the 1960s through 1970s. The star of the TV show is an adulterous and mysterious shot detective Don Draper, which is played by John Hamm.

Everything is great about this drama from the writing to direction to acting. But the thing which is the most striking about this TV series is the setting of the 1960s period. The dresses, the vehicles and the buildings will remind you of old times. The drama might be a bit slow paced for some people but even they won’t deny the hard work behind the show.

5. Fargo

Top 10 TV shows - Fargo

The second season of Fargo has little similarities to the Coen brothers’ 1996 film. The story is set twenty years prior to that, in the 1979. The story is about a Drug dealing family and the difficulties they face after Ronald Reagan claims that he would wipe the drug organizations and corruption from every state of the country.

The main thing about this TV show which grabs the attention of the people is that normal situations escalate endlessly. This show shows that how normal people act when they get entrenched into madness. These are all the more reasons why you should go to watch this show.

4. Friends

Top 10 TV shows - Friends

Who doesn’t love the hit TV series Friends? It is one of the best TV shows out there and revolves around six friends who move into a big city and how they navigate through their lives and the relationships.

The show might not be as sophisticated as other shows, however, the thing that attracts the people is that different situations of the drama show the everyday life of friends. It has actors like Mathew Perry and Matt Leblanc’s whose characters remain the most hilarious ones in TV history. So if you are a young adult living with a group friends, this show is a must watch for you.

3. Six Feet Under

Top 10 TV Shows - Six Feet Under

Death is the biggest curiosity of mankind and Alan Ball’s Six Feet Under takes advantage of this human obsession with amazing characters. The show revolves around a Fisher Family who take over their father’s funeral home business after his unexpected death. The stars of the TV show are Peter Krause and Michael C. Hall. The side story of the show is about their sister, Claire and their mother and the unexpected relationship between them.

Every episode of the show begins with the death of someone and the Fisher Family negotiate with the family of the decreased to make preparations for the burial. Well, the main reason that this show is on number 3 on this list is that it has a devastating final season which defies the convention in a number of ways.

2. Breaking Bad

Top 10 TV shows - Breaking Bad

This a grabbing TV show with an ordinary story. A show revolving around a cancer struck, middle-aged loser who turns to drugs doesn’t seem much appealing. Right? However, the execution of this TV show is perfect which makes it worth watching.

The stage of the story is set from the pilot. A middle aged man Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, loses everything in his life and turns to drugs. The clock is always ticking for him. The story gets bigger, better and stronger with every coming season and the last season promises to be a thriller. Once you start watching this show, you won’t think the second time. You will admit that the actors of this show are the masters of their craft.

1. Narcos

Top 10 TV shows - Narcos

This TV show isn’t your ordinary crime story. It’s based on the true story of the most ruthless organization in the modern history, Medellin cartel and the person who ruled over them all, Pablo Escabar, played by Wagner Moura.

This show is a Golden Globe nominated show and you don’t get this nomination by just being a mediocre show. The story is quite solid all around and there isn’t a single flaw in the story line. It’s graphic enough to keep you involved and leave you slightly disturbed. It’s one of those TV shows which you have to see to believe.


There you have it, the list of the best TV shows. There are TV shows of different genres in this list from crime to fantasy to medieval. All these TV series have the ‘it’ factor in them. There is something mesmerizing in these dramas which will make you want more of them.

All these TV series are great but they haven’t taken the place of movies yet. In the near future, the transition from movies to TV series might happen. But for now, these TV shows should be considered as an alternative form of entertainment. These TV shows will make you love dramas more than ever before.