albino characters in anime

Albino characters in anime are not at all common, but they do pop up now and then in a few series. Albinism is caused by the absence of significant melanin in the skin. Even in real life, the condition can be sparse. We have a list of the amazing characters who are actually albino!

10. Makoto Isshiki from RahXephon

Makoto - albino characters in anime

The 2002 mecha anime RahXephon features Makoto Isshiki, aka the White Snake. Isshiki obviously received this name because of his albino appearance. Isshiki has no real parents as he was cloned from the DNA of an ancient Mulian. However, he himself does not realize this and vows to fight against the Mulians. He is very callous and disregards the people around him, especially the protagonist Ayato. Although Isshiki has potential to achieve a lot of things, his inferiority complex seems to get in the way.

9. Jo from Burst Angel

Jo - albino characters in anime

Jo Carpenter is one of the protagonists of Burst Angel. Jo is one of the neatest albino characters in anime. Although she's one of the good guys, she likes to serve justice in chaotic ways. This has earned her the nickname "Angel from Hell". She owns a small TV set and watches horror movies on it when she isn't busy kicking ass. Jo claims that her reason for fighting is her best friend Megumi.

8. Yuma Kuga from World Trigger

Yuma - albino characters in anime

Yuma is a short young boy who is laid back and relaxed about everything. Yuma is definitely on the list of cool albino characters, however his original hair color was black. He is also perpetually stuck as an 11 year old. As an outsider, he seems to experience plenty of culture shocks during his stay in Japan. Despite his lack of cultural knowledge, he is still a very realistic and logical person. One of Yuma's quirky tendencies is that he makes duckfaces all the time. Due to the way his body has formed, Yuma has no need to sleep.

7. Suigintou from Rozen Maiden

suigintou - albino characters in anime

This sadistic girl is one of the dolls from Rozen Maiden. She's the only doll who has wings, which she also uses as a battle weapon. Suigintou is very cruel and selfish, and will do whatever it takes for her to win and be the one on top. Her bitter personality prevents her from being close to the other dolls, but she idolizes the doll-maker Rozen very much. Rozen, her creator and 'Father', seems to be the light of her life. Deep down, Suigintou only wants to be loved and accepted. She dresses up in very dark and gothic clothing.

6. Koko Hekmatyar from Jormungand

Koko - albino characters in anime

The female lead of Jormungand, Koko Hekmatyar is one of the most iconic albino characters. Koko works as an arms dealer and is the daughter of the tycoon Floyd Hekmatyar. She's usually dressed up in neat business attire. Although Koko appears as a very idyllic and cheerful leader, she's equally shrouded in mystery. Koko can be outspoken and bold, but at the same time you can never tell what she's truly thinking because most of Koko's bright attitude is just a mask she puts on. She's very calm and level-headed when it comes to dangerous situations, which makes her a great leader.

5. Mary from Kagerou Project

Marry - albino characters in anime

Marry Kozakura, or "Mary", is a little albino girl in Kagerou Project. Mary is 1/4 part Medusa, hence, has some abilities of freezing people even if she cannot petrify them. She's very meek and introverted, preferring to spend her time inside the house. This lack of activity makes her very clumsy and ditzy. Nonetheless, Mary is a very adorable little girl who just wants to cherish the people she loves. Mary's hobbies include writing poetry, making artificial flowers and watching anime, especially BL anime.

4. Anna from K Project

Anna - albino characters in anime

The anime K Project's Anna is the youngest member of HOMRA and also the only girl present there. Anna is petite and cute, as she dresses up in a gothic-loli fashion, she's almost doll-like. Unlike most of the HOMRA men who are loud and obnoxious, Anna is quiet, reserved and only speaks when she needs to. She's also very unresponsive and does not disclose her emotions, but the reason for this is that she is worried she will end up hurting others.

3. Heine Rammsteiner from Dogs: Stray Dogs Howling in the Dark

Heine - albino characters in anime

Heine Rammsteiner is an albino from the series DOGS, who is a genetic mutant. He is one of the four protagonists. He has several piercings in his ears and usually dresses up in black clothes. Heine is quiet and reserved, but he can be sardonic and sarcastic when he feels like it. He likes to act rash and pisses people off easily, but he also has a sweet and caring side, which he often shows to Nill. Initially, Heine had developed gynophobia, however he was still able to get close to Nill, which is why he's so invested in her. He's an overall badass and a great fighter.

2. Gintoki Sakata from Gintama

Gintoki - albino characters in anime

Gintama's main character Gintoki is pretty popular among fans, he is probably the most liked among albino characters. Widely known as a slob and a freeloader, Gintoki is very lazy. Due to his irresponsibility, he isn't able to pay rent on time and instead blows his sparsely earned money in gambling and other games. Although Gintoki is in his late 20s, he's very immature and even claims it himself that he's just a little boy stuck inside a man's body. This is further justified by his obsession with sweet things like parfait and strawberry milk. He can mess around and screw up a lot of things, but there are times when he decides to be responsible. He cares about the people closest to him even if he never admits it openly. Gintoki can sleep with his eyes open.

1. Shiro from Deadman Wonderland

shiro - albino characters in anime

Shiro is a teenage girl who was adopted by Rinichirō. In an experiment to amplify her immune system, Rinichirō accidentally turned her into a Deadman. Shiro is also a striking albino character. She dresses up in a white bodysuit that is skintight and decorated with red lines. Shiro's diet consists mainly of sweets. She's very energetic and hyper. As she's very childlike, she has trouble understanding how the world works. Shiro is a nice girl and is mainly a protagonist, but because of her split personality, she can also turn into an antagonist.


So there you go, ten unique albino characters! Which one was your favorite? Or perhaps we haven't included your favorite albino character in this list, let us know if we've missed out anybody!