10 Animals That Are Smarter Than You Think

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Smart Animals

The animal kingdom is full of species with super sights and hearing, but do you know how smart they are? We often dismiss them as less valuable than humans because we are so advanced in the world, but animals are intelligent in different ways.

Here are ten animals that are smarter than you think

10. Pigs 


The International Journal of Comparative Psychology says that pigs have human-like feelings. Pigs have shown emotion that demonstrates empathy. They can learn a simple symbolic language, solve mazes and like dogs, become your best friend!

In an experiment, British piglets got directions to use mirrors to find the path to a plate of food that the trainers hid. Little piggies as young as six weeks learned the reflection concepts within a few hours. The same procedure takes several months for human babies.

9. Octopus


A German Acquarum octopus named Otoo sprayed water at an overhead light to short circuit the too-bright light that was annoying him. Smart! But did you know they are notorious escape artists? They prove themselves quite often to be prison breakers of the ocean. They have a talent for popping lids of screw-top jars and can compress their bodies to fit through tiny slits and do impossible climbs out of their aquarium tanks to freedom!

8. Squirrels 


How is your memory? If you can’t remember your online password, a squirrel may be able to help. They are skilled in recalling where they stash their nuts for safekeeping. They also use smart ploys to con nut stealers.

In a 2010 study, a group of squirrels that were being watched began to dig fake holes to hide their nuts. They were pretending to hide their nuts in the ground, but they actually had the nuts hidden under their armpit or in their mouth, waiting for a hiding place without intruders.

7. Dolphins


Many scientists believe that dolphins are the second smartest creatures on earth! This is due to their high brain-to-body ratio, emotion showing capacity, and memory. But we are discovering another side to them.

The Institute of Marine Mammal Studies in Missippi deduced that dolphins could also be the second sneakiest animal on earth. The dolphins received training to pick up litter in their tanks and exchange them for fish. One dolphin took a single sheet of discarded paper and tore it into small bits, and handed them in one piece at a time to maximize his fishy offerings!

6. Chickens


The next time you enter your chicken coop for eggs, you may want to remember that they are aware of your color and shape! Your chickens can identify you as you collect their eggs.

Chickens were trained to peck in four different patterns: squares, triangles, rectangles and circles. In one group, the chickens could always pick their shapes out of the group no matter the patterns’ arrangement. At the removal of those patterns, the chicks looked on quizzically and refused to peck. When the trainers returned the patterns, the chicks straightway began to pick at them.

5. Rats


You probably have never considered a Rat to be smarter than you. But, have you ever wondered why they are always used in experiments to solve human health issues?

A Havard Business review showed that rats’ brains are smaller and less complexed than the human brain but similar in structure and function. Rat’s problem-solving abilities are right up there with a dog, and they never forget a route!

4. Dogs

Dog Smart

This list would never be complete without man’s best friend! What would we do without dogs? They are cuddly, learn tricks well, possess emotions, can read your feelings and always recognize their owners!

According to Live Science, dogs are as smart as your two-year-old child. This discovery comes from language development tests. The average dog can learn 165 words, similar to a two-year-old child, and they top all other animals in social smartness. Plus, there are so many things they can smell that humans can’t!

3. Chimps


It may surprise some to know that chimpanzees are one of the smartest animals on the earth, next to humans. Humans supposedly inherit intelligence from their mothers, while half of the chimp’s intelligence relies on their genes, and the other half depends on their environment. Chimps are makers of tools to do simple tasks such as opening nuts and fruits. They can learn words, play with objects and mourn the deaths of friends and loved ones.

2. Portia Spiders

Portia Spider

The Portia Spider is native to Southeast Asia, Australia and Africa. These spiders are geniuses with intelligence no one can deny, but luckily they’re not dangerous to man. They have problem-solving abilities. If the method of accomplishing a task to nip prey is not working, like most humans, they take a different approach until they succeed! Their skillful intelligence earned them the nickname “eight-legged cats.”

1. Elephants


The elephant’s greatest asset is its memory. These animals recall incredible stretches of terrain over many years. And they never forget a friend, so you can assume that they never forget an enemy either.

Some years ago, an elephant was brought to an elephant sanctuary in Tennessee. A resident elephant immediately got animated and friendly. Not because of love at first sight, but because they remembered performing at a circus together 22 years before!

It’s about time we start learning more about all of the smart animals we share this earth with.