10 Awesome Camping Accessories You’ll Need For This Summer

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Summertime is when people flock outside to enjoy the warm weather and appreciate the beautiful outdoors. Whether you prefer to leave the beaten path and forage your way through the wilderness, or camp near your car with many of the luxuries of home, there are no shortage of gadgets available to make your trip more enjoyable. For every camping problem, someone has invented a solution. Tag along and see what you’ve been missing out on with these top ten awesome camping accessories you’ll need for this summer!

10. Tent Lantern/Ceiling Fan

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One of the worst aspects of sleeping in a nylon tent is how hot and stuffy the air can get. There is no sleeping in once the sun comes up and temperatures begin to rise. But once you hang this nifty gadget from the roof of your tent, you’ll get a soft, cool breeze offering you comfort all night long. Bonus: the fan also doubles as an LED lantern that will illuminate every corner of your space.

9. Lantern/Insect Zapper

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Once the sun goes down, out come the bugs – and while all you want to do is play games or roast marshmallows, you will inevitably end up covered in bug bites. How can you avoid insects when your only sources of light attracts them? Enter this lantern/insect zapper. Mosquitoes and moths will fly towards the light and your campsite will feel a little more comfortable. This product is a must have for any bug hater!

8. Solar Charger

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Having the ability to charge your device from anywhere can be an important way to ensure safety when out in the wilderness. This solar charger will power anything that can connect to it’s two USB ports. It even has LED lights, so not only will you never be without a charged phone, you will also never be without a charged flashlight! Whether having your phone while camping is for safety or for fun, knowing that it will always have battery life is a piece of mind worth having.

7. Shower-Head Pump

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With this compact shower-head, all you need to feel clean is a bucket of water! After hanging the device on a tree branch, it will pump water from the bucket and help you rinse off the grime from the day’s hikes, swims, and bonfires. Camping no longer has to be synonymous with being filthy! Once you’ve had the luxury of daily camping showers, you’ll never want to travel without it.

6. Pocket Chainsaw

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This little tool is far more powerful that it looks. It can be operated with minimal effort, and has the power to cut through tree trunks. It easily fits into your backpack and ensures that you’ll never be without firewood again. The pocket chainsaw is must have for any serious outdoor adventurer.

5. Waterproof Socks

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Great for hiking, fishing, and even snow sports, these waterproof socks will prevent your feet from feeling soggy while you enjoy your favorite activities. Having cold, wet feet can take the fun out of any scenario, so prevent the discomfort and treat your feet!

4. LifeStraw

Source: Amazon

This extremely portable tool can turn any water source into drinkable water, guaranteeing hydration without having to lug heavy, bulky water bottles. This is a perfect addition not only any camping and hiking trips, but also a handy product to keep stocked in a home emergency kit. Staying hydrated keeps you alive, so having a utensil like this may one day make a critical difference.

3. Handheld Espresso Maker

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Coffee loving campers, rejoice! There is now a compact, convenient way to enjoy your morning espresso shot no matter where you set up camp. The device is compatible with either loose grounds or coffee pods – you’ll only need to add hot water and a strong grip before you are enjoying the luxuries of home.

2. BioLite CampStove

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Not only can this wood burning stove be used for heat, cooking, or warmth, but it also somehow converts the excess heat into electricity to charge your phone or flashlight. This mighty combination makes the lightweight and portable BioLite an extremely useful gadget.

1. Portable Washing Machine

Source: Amazon

For those who love the outdoors, but don’t necessarily want the dirt and grime that comes with it, there is now a convenient way to clean your clothes on the go. When not in use, the bag fits in the palm of your hand. To use, simply add soap, water, and clothes to the bag and rub against the internal wash board. The best perk: when not in use, this product can double as a dry sack!

By now, you’re probably realizing that you’ve been camping all wrong. There are certain comforts you shouldn’t have to sacrifice, even while roughing it. Find the gear that your trips have been lacking, and upgrade your campsite immediately!