10 Awesome Presents Your Pets Will Love

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Why is it that we constantly feel the need to spoil our pets? Even though they are happy with a simple ball, a walk, or some cuddle time, we still find ways to spend our paychecks on toys and gadgets that will make them happy. Instead of picking up yet another chew toy at the grocery store, check out some far more unique options – like these top ten awesome presents for your pets!

10. Paw Plunger

Source: Amazon

After spending the day with your pooch at the park or on a nice hike, use the Paw Plunger for a quick and effective way to clean muddy paws. Great for when your dog doesn’t require a full bath (but you still want to maintain your clean floors) the plunger uses warm water and soft bristles to clean their fur and nails. Your dog will love the extra hikes that you now won’t mind taking him on!

9. Anxiety Toys

Source: Amazon

For pups with major anxiety, this stuffed toy might provide the comfort they need. It’s natural sounding heartbeat and heating element may help with anxiety induced barking, whining, and negative behavior. And, not to mention, provides for some insanely cute photo opportunities!

8. Kitty Exercise Wheel

Source: Amazon

This product is perfect for indoor cats with high energy. With the full sized exercise wheel, cats can run for miles – or until they are ready for their next nap. You’ll never have to feel guilty again keeping your cat cooped up during bad weather. They even have similar models for dogs!

7. Treat Puzzles

Source: Amazon

Treat puzzles are a great way to keep both your cat’s and dog’s minds stimulated. Instead of simply giving them a pile of treats, make them work for it! Having to forage for food is a natural instinct, so picking up the skills will take no time at all. There are no shortage of types of puzzles you can buy, so your pet should never be bored again.

6. Doggie Pedal Water Fountain

Source: Amazon

This contraption easily hooks up to your garden hose and allows your pup 24/7 access to fresh, clean water. No more puddles on your kitchen floor! This pedal fountain will provide your water loving dog with endless fun and hydration. No matter what age your dog may be, he will instantly become the puppy you remember when he discovers the fun he can have.

5. Umbrella Leash

Source: Amazon

Does your dog hate walking in the cold rain? If you have spent too much time waiting for your dog in the rain, both of you miserably wanting to go back inside, then the umbrella leash is a product you should try. While a dog in a raincoat is an adorable sight, it doesn’t offer the coverage that this 180 degree umbrella will.

4. Automatic Ball Launcher

Source: Amazon

Playing fetch with your pup is a great way to provide maximum exercise for them with minimal effort on your part. But some dogs literally can not get enough, even when you are ready to stop. Enter the automatic ball launcher. Set up one up in your backyard and let your dog play with himself until he finally (if ever) runs out of steam.

3. Dog Fence Window

Source: Amazon

Some dogs simply cannot handle the sound of the world going by on the other side of the fence without being able to witness it. The solution is simple: a dog fence window! Now your dog can watch the neighborhood and defend his kingdom as he sees fit.

2. DJ Scratching Post

Every cat needs a scratching post, so why not get him one with a little style? Your kitty couldn’t look any cuter than he will from behind his little DJ stand. The scratching disc even spins!

1. Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser

Source: Amazon

The pet camera, complete with treat dispenser, may be the single greatest advancement in technology of our time. It allows your to talk to your pet, alerts you with they appear in front of the camera, and has treat dispensing capabilities – if you decide he’s been a good boy. Does it get any better? Being able to check in on your pet, day and night, will bring comfort to the both of you.

Our dogs and cats show us unconditional love day in and day out, and all we want to do is show them that we feel the same way. Whether it’s with treats or toys, we never feel like we’ve pampered them enough. Luckily there are people out there just like us, who will continue to find innovative ways to help us keep our furry friends happy.