10 Best Places To Travel Alone as a Woman

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Oh, the joy and freedom of traveling alone and doing as you please! Discovering new and enchanting spots and discovering yourself a little more with each road you travel.

As a woman, traveling alone raises some eyebrows and can be dangerous. Seeking the best places to travel solo is not only about the safest destinations, although that’s a big part of the decision.

Finding the best places to travel is also about your interests, what cultures you want to learn about, and your overall intention for going on a solo journey.

You might be interested in going to some exotic places and making memories with the locals. Maybe you want to lay low at a fancy resort. Whatever your reasons are for searching out the best places to travel as a woman, we hope the following list will have you packing your bags!

10. Siargao Island, Philippines

Phillipines siargao

This island is a water lover’s dream! If you’re a surf enthusiast, Siargao is perfect for you. The island has become an increasingly popular travel destination over the years but is still laid back and easygoing.

You can meet surfers on the beach and people who are like-minded. Not surfing? A solo bike adventure through flat pathways among majestic coconut trees is exhilarating and soul-fulfilling. You can stay in a charming villa and feel comfortable knowing Siargao is incredibly safe.

9. The Galapagos!

the galapagos

We all remember learning about Charles Darwin’s famous discoveries during his visit to the Galapagos. When visiting the Galapagos, you’ll see unique birds, reptiles and all sorts of beautiful sea creatures!

Most people travel to the Galapagos for the animals, so you always meet people with similar interests. You can enjoy a dive trip or an island cruise to some of the 127 islands! If you’re a backpacker or on a budget, the Galapagos is perfect for you.

8. Welcome To Africa! 

South africa

Africa gets a bad rap, but it’s really no worse than some places you’re familiar with. Of course, certain African cities should be avoided, but many are perfectly safe. Rwanda is arguably the safest country in Africa, and you will sense that immediately upon arrival.

Another option is Coffee Bay along the stunning coastline of South Africa!  Backpackers are always passing through, taking long walks along the ocean bluffs and absorbing nature scenes. The bay is not too populated, and your visit will be comfortable!

7. Zanzibar


All beach bums unite on the white sandy beaches and baby blue waters in Zanzibar, also known as Unguja! Sunset Beach resort is a great place to stay on the breathtaking island. There are all sorts of solo activities to be had there, from swimming to diving to boating and making trips to the Stone Town market.

You can dance the night or day away to reggae music! It’s a communal atmosphere, with beach boys and tourists enjoying the vibe. Solo or not, you’ll find your fit.

6. Reykjavik, Iceland

reykjavik iceland

The vision of Humanity ranks Iceland as the safest country in the world! People leave their cars open while they go grocery shopping! The exquisite and glorious Iceland landscapes will take your breath away. There are social hostels that will couple you with adventure partners to explore and take road trips. There is never a dull moment in Reykjavik!

5. Tokyo, Japan

tokyo japan

Tokyo must be the center of solo dining! At first, the language barrier is intimidating, but after sitting alone in a restaurant and observing, you realize that everything is organized and systematic. There are even low interaction restaurants!

It is an enjoyable and comfortable event traveling through Tokyo and Osaka, with all kinds of interesting things to do. There are all types of themed cafés, museums where you can easily get lost in other worlds. And you must enjoy the gorgeous parks to sit and appreciate the unique culture around you.

4. Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

torres del paine

You’ll leave here with lots of new friends, solo or not. Take the 8-day O Circuit trek in Torres del Paine National Park, and you’ll see for yourself. There is an atmosphere of comradery among campers, particularly on the back trail of the trek, where many campers don’t linger, and there is more intimacy. The rangers also play music, and everybody has a good time.

3. Anywhere in French Polynesia!

french polynesia

Welcome to French Polynesia, where everyone treats you as if you are family returning home after a long absence! The customer service is so mind-blowing you will feel right at home. The environment is so preserved, leaving you happy, healthy and refreshed. You will have no problems traveling here as a solo woman!

2. Maui, Hawaii

maui hawaii

Maui is more than a honeymoon destination! There are tons of things for a solo gal to do, even amongst honeymooners. You’ll make friends snorkeling, enjoy waterfalls and go on gorgeous hikes. There are plenty of adventurous activities to be had such as the Road to Hana or surfing lessons!

1. Quebec, Canada

quebec canada

If you’re looking for a comfortable solo road trip where beauty is everywhere you look, then pack your bags for Quebec. Canadians are the friendliest of people. You’ll find classy accommodations, great food, hospitable locals and the foliage, especially in autumn, is heavenly. Oh, Canada!

Our planet is full of beauty for us all to discover. Get to know your neighbors across friendly borders. An adventure is waiting with your name on it! Here is a list of safety tips to keep in mind as you travel.