10 Best Summer BBQ Gear for 2018


Summer is upon us, and nothing pairs better with the warm summer evenings than a good barbecued meal. Though everyone seems to consider themselves a grill master, most simply are not. Long gone are the days when throwing a hot dog on the grill was an impressive feat. These days, barbecuing has become more of an art than a quick way to feed the family. There are a plethora of tools out there that can help you become a true grill master. Feeling left behind? It isn’t too late to catch up, especially with these top ten best summer barbecue gear for 2018.

10. BBQ Pizza Stone

Source: Amazon

Who knew you could make a pizza on the grill? With this ceramic pizza stone, you can! This unique take on a cook-out is perfect for when a hot dog or burger just won’t cut it. Cooking your pie on the BBQ gives it that extra smoky flavor that you never knew pizza was missing.

9. Electric Charcoal Starter

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Never again will you have to worry about matches or lighter fluid once you have the electric charcoal starter! This device lights the coals in under five minutes without the use of taste-altering chemicals. Cutting down cooking time significantly will please the entire family.

8. Himalayan Salt Slab

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The Himalayan salt slab is not only a beautiful way to present food, but you can cook your veggies directly on it! Simply place the entire salt slab on top of the hot grill. It evenly distributes heat throughout the block, and naturally flavors as it cooks. The slab can also be refrigerated and used to serve cold foods cool.

7. Oyster Grill Pan

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Cooking oysters on the grill has never been easier than with this molded cast iron tray. The cut-outs keep the oysters in place and upright, ensuring that the sauces and seasonings do not escape into the grill. It is also recommended for other recipes, such as single serve mac n’ cheese. This versatile pan is must have for your collection!

6. Beer Can Chicken Roaster

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The title pretty much says all it needs to say. This contraption uses your favorite beer (or wine, cider, or juice) to flavor a full chicken as it roasts on the grill. You’ll be amazed at how juicy your chicken ends up after you are done bbqing it. Spikes from the side can be used to simultaneously cook veggies or potatoes, making this a one stop shop for a full family meal.

5. Cast Iron Garlic Roaster

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Who doesn’t love roasted garlic? The aroma alone is enough to draw everyone over to the grill. With this cast iron garlic roaster, having restaurant-quality roasted garlic is now impossibly simple on your very own grill. The BBQ will add a smoky flavor that elevates the garlic to new levels. Impress your guests with this gourmet addition.

4. Jalapeno Popper Rack

Source: Amazon

Perfect for a party, this jalapeno popper rack efficiently cooks 36 poppers at a time. Never again worry about the delicious stuffing melting out onto the grill. The genius design allows each popper to stand upright, ensuring their integrity and saving you the hassle of continuously flipping. Will you be able to cook them faster than your guests are eating them?

3. Sliders Grilling Set

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Why grill boring old frozen hamburger patties again when you can have sliders? This slider basket cooks nine sliders at a time, so instead of one plain burger you can add some variety to your meal. Have a Hawaiian slider, a guacamole slider, and a BBQ bacon slider all on one plate! This set elevates your burger game considerably.

2. Barbecue Grill Light

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It’s happened to us all – the grilling takes longer than expected and daylight is gone. You try to check on your food while it’s illuminated only by the light from your phone. Inevitably, your dinner ends up too raw or severely burnt. Avoid this problem completely with a flexible LED barbecue grill light. Shine the beam wherever it is needed in order for your meal to turn out exactly right. You’ll be surprised on how often you actually end up using this practical tool. Keep it handy!

1. Cast Iron Humidifiers

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Adding humidifiers to your barbecue helps meat retain it’s natural juices. Simply fill the reservoirs with water (or beer, juice, stock, etc.) and surround the meat of your choice. It is really just that simple. You will soon be wondering why you haven’t been using them your whole life!

These barbecue accessories all have one thing in common – they make gourmet grilling impossibly easy. Having the right equipment is essential, and you will soon be the envy of your neighborhood once the aromas float over your backyard! With your new found ability to create such drastically different meals, you’ll want to grill every night of the week.