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Welcome to the world of spies, the top secret life of smoke and mirrors. A spy is the secret weapon of intelligence services around the world. They get right in the mind of the enemy, living their lives, knowing them as friends, visiting their homes and gathering the right information, yet being top secretive. In this list, we uncovered the 10 of the biggest secrets of spies, about which we are certain that you have never read before.

10. Spies Role as Assassins

Many people think that a spy only gathers highly classified information by exploiting the loopholes of another country or territory. They are projected like this in many movies. However, that’s not true; spies do assassinate people, and that’s most often a secondary part of their top secret plans. Though, the assassinations, in this case, are often categorized as classical assassinations. A classical assassination is an assassination carried out by a special commando unit under the command of duly assigned secret agent, known as a spy. There are countless hidden stories about MI6 agents conducting special assassination operations alongside SAS.

9. They Play With Fire

Often a secret agent, whom we will call a spy, knows that other secret agents from enemy countries are working against them on the same project they are currently working on. Now, here is when the real skills of a spy come into play. He has to gather the required information, but at the same keeping his profile dead low. So, it’s a very tough job.

There is no room for error in this dirty world. If somehow, another country’s agent come to know that another black bird is working alongside him, then things proceed quickly to a quick and efficient “solution”. In this dark world, humanity does not exist. Spies from around the world are constantly playing with fire. The world you call a happy place to live in is rather a game of death for some hidden heroes. Therefore, you should be proud of every spy working for your country from dawn to dusk as they are undertaking massive risks.

8. Passive and Active in the Spying World

Passive is a term given to missions that are more related to gathering top secret information. The pies then transfer this information via highly classified and secure channels to base stations. Your surroundings witness a lot that you never actually will, a passive mission might be taking place right in front of your door, and you won’t be having any damn idea about it. You can’t actually detect a spy with a layman’s eye. They have countless roles in their pocket ranging from a road sweeper to a beggar sitting along the roadside. They see, gather, analyse and transfer information.

Active missions, on the other hand, are the most deadly and top secret. Agencies plant these missions for sending the top level threat to another world, which we call as death. Active missions have their roots lie in the act of changing the political status quo in the world. Almost every intelligence agency in the world has its spies with active missions in their head, which they have to carry out at the right time and right place. Hence making this business a lot more dirty.

7. The Increments

“The increments” is a title given to those spies which intelligence agencies hire under a contract. The intelligence agencies task the increments in such a way that no other intelligence agency can make a lead through them to the intelligence agency they are working for. Most of the time, the increments are unaware of the fact that they are working for an intelligence agency. The intelligence agencies hire increments for tasks which can’t be done using kids (a term often used for core intelligence agents).

6. Dagger has replaced the Cloak

In today’s world, spying has become a lot more of a technical thing. With latest network penetration system, coded talk tools, satellites and radio sets spying has almost become an art of technology. Today spies are equipped with a lot more secret technical gadgets than they were in 1960’s. They can trace your location anywhere in the world, they can decode any one’s talk, and they can fake an assassination with an accident and many more schemes hidden in the science of spying.

5. Intelligence and Torture

Intelligence and torture are two different things yet they go hand in hand. Some experts say spies rather have no heart. Well, it seems like they might be true because in the world of spying torture leads you to answers. And anything that’s important for national security must overvalue the cost of everything.

For us, torture maybe a dirty business, but when it comes to spies, then this is what they feed on. They are taught to use psychological manipulations, hardcore physical afflicts and almost every tool that is beyond our thoughts.

4. Spies in the shades of James Bond

Well, we all have seen the movie, James Bond where an MI6 spy, wearing a nice suit is conducting highly classified missions. However, I must say that’s an illusion. Spies don’t actually live a heroic life. They are subjected to live in the suburbs. At times with almost no food for days but what they do really affect the life of millions of people at home.

Sometimes, they even have to leave their families for the national cause. In an alien world, they are the dark birds protecting their nests.

3. Communication Skills

Spies have probably the most lucrative communication skills. They can almost communicate with everyone and are trained to judge almost every person under the following categories:

  1. Background and family member
  2. Temperament and knowledge
  3. Arguing skills and patience
  4. Potential information handler and status
  5. Who he/she values more, money or relations?
  6. What is his idol?
  7. Is he an emotional person?
  8. Can he/she kill someone?
  9. What are his religious and moral beliefs?

Based on these assessments, spies judge your personality, and they are accurate 90% of the time.

2. Regime Changes

In today’s world, the top-secret intelligence agencies like CIA and MI6 are eyeing towards changing the world regimes. It’s not right for us to point out what they have done so far. But there are hundreds of political parties in different countries of the world that are working for them.

These political plots are getting their funding through these intelligence agencies and in return they are acting as a tool for the command for the respective governments of these intelligence agencies. It starts with killing or captivating the top civil authority and then letting the owned political elements do the rest of the work.

1. Most spies have a really rigid background

Well, according to a spy recruitment report of an intelligence agency, their majority of spies are gays. The reason why that intelligence agency recruited them was they thought that these men being gay can help them in their secret missions. Since in their real life, these men are used to cover their tracks, and they did it on a day-to-day basis. If they can manage that in their real life and can keep it in same in spying world, then they can keep anything under wrap.

That’s just one example; some spies have no family at all that makes them a very hostile and tough character. They have a particular mannerism, therefore making them a suitable material for recruitment in the spying world.

There’s must be a lot more we don’t know about the secret lives of spies, but they keep an extremely low profile, so we don’t know anything for sure. We hope you have attained a new knowledge of what spies really are and what they actually do.

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A Note To Follow:

Since All Time Lists has its focus on exploring the unexplored, therefore this article is just another venture of ours. Furthermore, the author or All Time Lists have no association with any intelligence agency. The facts mentioned in the article are primarily reflecting the interviews given by former CIA and Mossad intelligence agents. Hence, we are just keeping our promise to get our followers to read about almost every unexplored event or happening. Therefore, as much as we do for you, in reply we want you to get along with us in our journey of exploring the world. We promise you the adventure, excitement and infinite knowledge

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