10 Bizarre ER Stories You Won’t Believe

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Who remembers the TV show Rescue 911? The stories that follow are a page right out of the Rescue 911 book– er, script. Squeamish people, beware!

10. Caught My Eye

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So, here’s how the story goes: a bunch of guys in their 20s made their way from Canada to New York on a fishing trip. One of the guys cast his rod and the hook got caught in the eyeball of another guy. But, that’s not the worst part. Instead of them going to a local hospital, they made the 8-hour trip back to a hospital in Canada since they didn’t have travel health insurance. But, wait… it gets worse. The doctors didn’t remove the hook right away–in fact, they let it stay in there the whole night! There were some technical complications, so they decided to address them the NEXT day. The ophthalmologists were worried he would lose his eye, “but I don’t actually know if he did,” an ER doctor told Vice Media LLC.

9. Swallowing Troubles

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Many people come into the ER because they’ve swallowed something–like ink pens, buttons, coins and even knives!  You can see the items they swallow in the X-ray. We attempt to remove them, but removing them can sometimes be more dangerous than letting them just stay there, a doctor told Vice Media LLC. Instead, we just try to make them comfortable, the doctor added.

According to the doctor, a lot of it has to do with mental health issues. “This sort of behavior is pretty well studied. It’s quite depressing dealing with these people, because eventually they’re going to swallow something that’s going to kill them, and nobody is going to be able to help them,” the doctor said.

8. All That Glitters…

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Parents, beware. That fun, sparkly arts, and crafts supply that kids love to use can pose a serious health risk. Yes, we’re talking about glitter; and, if you’re not careful, it could send you to the ER.

A case report by British Medical Journal (BMJ) showed that glitter caused a reduction in a woman’s visual acuity, that is, the clarity or sharpness of her vision. According to the report, doctors found a shiny surface on the 49-year-old woman’s cornea. “When the patient was questioned directly, she remembers coming in contact with some glitter from a Christmas card,” the report said. “Interestingly, the glitter had formed itself in a clump that mimicked the shape of a dendritic ulcer,” the report continued.

The glitter was removed and the woman was discharged on topical antibiotic treatment.

7. Fourth of July Frenzy

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Although they’re often viewed as harmless, sparklers “can be deadly if not used properly,” the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) said at its annual safety demonstration on the National Mall, ABC News reported. They’re the leading cause of most firework-related injuries, CPSC added.

According to the Commission, when it gets close to the Independence Day, about 280 people go to the emergency room every day with fireworks-related injuries. Reddit contributor becbec89 recounted one such incident:

A man had come into the ER with a charred hand after he’d lit 40 sparklers he had bundled together. The heat melted to the sparklers to his hand. “I believe he ended up being fine, and not much damage was done to his hand,” becbec89 said.

Sparklers burn at about 2,000 degrees F and are hot enough to melt some metals.

6. At-Home Penectomy

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For those of you who don’t know what a penectomy is, it is the surgical procedure for removing the penis. According to a hospital worker on Reddit, a schizophrenic man came into the ER one night after cutting his private area. When the nurse got him to the triage room and asked to see the wound, she noticed that his penis was gone!

To make matters worse, they guy didn’t even know what he had done–or where his missing part was, for that matter. According to Reddit user Linzini, they found it later in a cemetery. It was too late to save it because he had waited too long to come to the hospital. “He was sent to a urologist who basically made a skin flap to cover the wound. I don’t know if there was anything else to be done. When he got back on his medication and was himself again he freaked out,” Linzini wrote.

5. A Sticky Situation

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Last year, Women’sHealth magazine sat down with eight nurses and asked them to share their most memorable–and most disgusting–experiences on the job. One nurse, who chose to remain anonymous, told the magazine about a man who came into the ER with severe foot pain:

This guy freaked out when we tried to remove his socks, which we had to peel off. His toes were covered (and stuck together) with fungus, and his toenails were long and curled. We couldn’t figure out how he was even able to walk.

4. Potty Woes

Toilet Paper
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According to the American College of Gastroenterology, “constipation is one of the most frequent gastrointestinal complaints in the USA and Western countries.” It accounts for at least 2.5 million annual doctor visits in the U.S. and hundreds of millions of dollars spent each year on laxatives. If you’ve ever been constipated, then you know how uncomfortable it can be. And, depending on how severe the constipation is, you know that desperate situations call for desperate measures. But, just how desperate can some folks get? Keep reading below to find out. Folks, please don’t try this at home.

Story #1 (from Reddit contributor seaspray)
A man’s wife was constipated so he brought her into the ER–not because she was constipated but because he tried giving her a water enema with a garden hose.

Story #2 (from emergency medicine physician Kevin Haselhorst via Thrillist.com)
A man who was constipated inserted a toilet bowl brush handle into his rectum. The handle had a curved hook on it, and it got snagged on his anus. He tried removing it, but it was too painful, so he called EMS. The ER doctor had to sedate him while he worked to dis-impact the brush from his rear.

3. At-Home Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery
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Ever since Greg Smithey came out with that Buns of Steel video, having the perfect rear end is all many people seem to be able to focus on nowadays. Such is the case (so we assume) with a woman who ended up in the ER after getting some type of silicone-based product injected in large volume into her buttocks at home–by someone who claimed to be a nurse, mind you.

The woman came to the ER with a high fever and pus draining from both buttocks, which, by the way, were red, swollen, infected and painful, Dr. Joshua Zuckerman told Thrillist. She was on IV antibiotics for about a week and ended up going on The Tyra Banks Show, he added.

2. The Postman

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This post has nothing to do with the postal service but rather a fence post that was stuck in a patient. According to Louis Davis, an ER nurse in the UK, the patient had a run-in with a fence in a road accident. The fence post had entered his torso just below his ribs and exited just above his opposite shoulder. Surprisingly, he was fully conscious and seemed to be doing fine when he arrived at the hospital. “I seem to have a splinter that I think you might need to remove,” he told Davis, according to a Reader’s Digest article. The patient spent a month in the ICU.

10 Skin Condition

Skin Condition
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Another nurse who chose to remain anonymous told Women’sHealth about a woman who visited the ER:

An elderly woman came into the ER with yeast and sores all over her body. You couldn’t even see her skin–just the yeast and scabs! It took us forever to scrub her down, and the odor was so intense it seemed like I could smell it for the rest of my shift. I was so grossed out, but I must admit that I was more heartbroken than anything else.


So, are you grossed out yet? We thought so, lol! Thanks for reading. And remember kiddies, don’t try any of this stuff at home!