10 Clever Closet Tricks for Organizing and Making Space

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Your closet can become untidy very quickly if you do not organize it properly. An unorganized closet can cause you more stress than you think and visually abuses you daily. Whether you have a walk-in closet or a small closet with limited space, all you need is clever organization.

There are numerous DIY ideas to apply and get organized without spending a dime. Continue reading to find out the 10 most clever closet tricks for organizing and making space.

10. Have a Plan and Take Inventory

Look through your closet and start by throwing out what you don’t wear or use anymore. The first step to organizing is de-cluttering– even if you have to hide and throw out some stuff family members are determined to keep for no good reason.

Start by making a pile with everyone’s input for the must-go items. Then do a count of everything you own. Decide if you want to add more space or how you will manage with the space you have.

You will certainly know how many bins or baskets you need for particular items and how many hangers. It would help if you got yourself matching, slim and sturdy hangers that keep your clothes hanging nicely without taking up too much space.

If you have a spacious walk-in closet, you should plan which spaces should be for your large and small items. Also, it isn’t a bad idea to pencil out how you will maximize your spaces and still be aesthetically pleasing with your placements.

9. Label Your Stuff

Labeling your bins and baskets makes it much easier to find the items you’re looking for easily without making a mess while searching.

8. Organize By Colors and Style

It’s so pleasing to open your closet and see all your summer tops hanging in one place and by color. Depending on the time of year, you will have those fitting clothes at arms-length in colors.

Besides the section with all of your summer tops, you have your work clothes, exercise clothes, jackets and so on. It’s so much easier to pick out what you need for your day out!

7. Store Seasonal Items Below

Winter is over, and you won’t be needing certain items for the next six to nine months. You then store those winter items away at the bottom of your closet in baskets. We recommend doing the same for other seasonal items and change around baskets for the different seasons.

6. Taking Care of Jewelry

You can have a drawer dedicated to the jewelry if your space allows it. Jewelry is small, so it is crucial to organize it and make it so that everything is easy to see as you choose your pieces. Hanging your jewelry is a great option and will ensure your pieces don’t get tangled or lost.

5. Shelf Dividers

As you maximize the use of your shelf space for storage, shelf dividers come in hand and can do double duty. This is an ideal solution for sweat pants, shirts and sweaters that you fold and put away. Stack that bulky stuff neatly on your shelves in plastic containers for a neat-looking closet.

4. Add an Island

There is always going to be a need for more space. If you have a walk-in closet, add an island in the center to give you extra shelves and drawer space. You can place a beautiful centerpiece on top of the island to enhance the closet’s aesthetic.

3. Store Handbags Upright

It’s not easy to store handbags, purses, clutches or wallets to help them retain their form. They are one of the eyesores of your closet, especially in a small space. We recommend using acrylic dividers to keep them standing and looking neat and attractive.

2. Spaces for Small Items

Use every bit of space to display your small items. If you are someone who forgets that you own things when there are stored away out of sight, we have a couple of tips for you:

  • Install hooks to hang belts, hats and smaller items.
  • Consider purchasing a sunglass rack to organize your sunglasses.
  • Use small plastic containers for each accessory category.

1. Space-Saving Hangers

To add elegance and style to your closet, say goodbye to bulky hangers. The stylish all-purpose velvet ones are streamlined to ensure that your clothes are never on the floor, and you can hang more in the same space.

It’s time to get organized!

There are so many clever ways to organize your closet and give you more storage space. You only need to give your closet a little of your time. You don’t even have to do it all in one day; just be committed to doing it.

Your closet is an essential part of life. Your essence lingers on what you own, so pay attention. De-cluttering your spaces de-clutters your mind and your life!

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