10 Commonly Regretted Purchases

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You might want to think twice before buying these items. You just may end up regretting it.

10. The Latest Tech Gadget

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Not only are the latest tech gadgets super expensive, many of them don’t live up to consumers’ expectations — e.g. unstable devices, exploding phones, and hardware that becomes obsolete within a week after you’ve purchased it.

With that said, here are a few tech purchases ZDNet staff members have regretted making:

-“The worst smartphone I have ever purchased was the BlackBerry Storm. At the time (2006), BlackBerry phones with keyboards were rocking the business world, but BlackBerry wanted to offer something to compete with the iPhone, the new Android platform, and the Palm Pre. The touchscreen was atrocious, making the BlackBerry Storm basically useless.” –Matthew Miller

-“Sometimes you buy a lemon. This laptop [Apple MacBook Air (2015)] was never quite powerful enough for my purposes, and it had one minor — but annoying — problem after another.” –Steven Vaughan-Nichols

-“There was such a short period of time between DVD players and streaming video. I think I spent more time setting up my [Blu-ray player] than using it.” –Kelly Simon McSweeney

9. First Home

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According to CNBC, nearly 70 percent of millennials say they regret buying their homes. But, it’s not the fact that they bought a home that they regret — it’s that they felt they made poor financial choices (including not having saved enough money before their first year of homeownership), underestimated ongoing costs (e.g. utility bills), and settled for a home that didn’t quite fit their family’s needs.

Unfortunately, “millennials are so eager to become homeowners that some may be inadvertently cutting off their nose to spite their face,” Ryan Bailey, head of Bank of the West’s retail banking, told CNBC.

8. Hygiene Products

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According to an article published by MSN, this is one of the most commonly regretted purchases among women. It’s not that women don’t care about their hygiene. It’s the fact that they end up paying more for hygiene products than men do. To make matters worse, these products are often similar in nature. But, because of the Pink Tax (a.k.a. tax placed on products marketed to females), women often pay more than men for shampoo, razors, shaving cream and other products. For example, women pay about 35 percent more for Alberto VO5 shampoo marketed to them versus the same shampoo marketed to men.