10 Cool Gadgets To Buy Right Now

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In this age of mighty gadgets, there is something for everyone! As technology advances, the gadgets on the market become increasingly impressive. Although advanced technology usually means higher prices, the avid gadget buyer knows to shop around and get the best at competitive prices.

Check out some of the coolest gadgets on the market presently for your buying pleasure.

10. The Konnect-I Slim Backpack With Jacquard by Google

Source: The Verge

Google’s wearable Jacquard technology was first attached to a Levi denim jacket and a trendy Saint Lauren backpack. It expanded in 2020 from shoe and soles to various backpacks, including this stylish option version from Samsonite. The technology is a chip smaller than a thumb drive and is plugged into the backpack.

This technology turns thread into material that is sensitive to touch. It allows you to play and skip songs, adjusts volume, answers your phone, and more by taps. And best of all—you can wash the material. Remove the plug and play chip, and you’re good to go.

9. Moto Razr— Motorola

Source: CNET.com

As the fiery competition amongst the greats (Apple, Samsung, and Google) rages on, a hero returns! Motorola is back with its classic signature phone, the Razr. It was the first iPhone, so we pay homage to its modern iteration.

This new device is similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 foldable screen. This function preserves the flip and also gives us a large smart touch screen. It also features a small inner screen that can play games, watch videos or take notifications.

8. Puppy Hachi Infinite M1

Source: Youtube

With the mass closing of movie theaters this year, projectors were at an all-time high. People were tricking out their back yard with them and having some fun. They can cause a tangled web, however, with the tons of cable needed. So, here comes the Hachi Infinite to solve that problem. It has a full tablet system for downloading streaming apps such as Netflix and Hulu.

This saves you the irritation of running to get a USB-C to HDMI. Its touch sensitivity is crucial to its function. When it’s flipped horizontally, it projects normally onto a wall, and when it flips vertically, it creates a touchscreen tablet made of light on any surface. The touch option is super easy to use for counter recipes, gaming and learning experiences.

7. The Dragon’s Lair Mini Arcade

Dragons Lair
Source: 9to5Toys

This mini-sized, animated game gives one of the best gaming experiences. It’s both engagingly playable and challenging. RepliCade has converted Dragon’s Lair into the perfect mini arcade system letting you save space and money while having fun.

If you’re not into arcades, there are various games at your disposal, such as Dig Dug, Street Fighter and Tempest.

6. Liteboxer Fitness Bundle

Source: Gadget Flow

Working out has become fun again with this Liteboxer Fitness Bundle. It is a digital punching bag that will improve your coordination while you get in a good sweat. The lights sync to the music’s beat, and the challenge is to stay on top of the rhythm. This machine uses trainers to guide you through workouts such as squats, steps, and of course, boxing.

5. Yeti USB Mic

Source: Best Buy

The present wired headphones are rowdy and cause you to break-up.  It’s time to get one of these Yetis. Your video conference personnel will thank you! The market is inundated with many microphones, but the Yeti is affordable, with super quality. It also features adjustable buttons to keep some sound order and amp up your sound quality ten times.

4. CleanPod UVC Sterilizer From Monos

Source: Gadget Flow

You can direct the light of this handheld UV light sterilizer to kill germs on almost anything! From your luggage to your groceries and whatever else might be germ-infested. It’s invaluable to walk around with and is greener than Clorox wipes.

3. FR FRD Ultimate Dura-Ace Di2 From FELT

Felt Bicycle
Source: Felt Bicycles

It’s hard to find a better bike than the DURA Ace Di2 to help you cut weight and strengthen the body. It is created from the same carbon fiber that formula one cars and high-performance air crafts use.

The bike is super light—approximately fifteen pounds and responsive. It takes corners like a Porsche 911. When you swing yourself over this bike, you feel like you become one with it.

2. KEEP Cannabis Storage

Source: Forbes

Over the past few years, cannabis has become legal in many U.S. states. So, if you are an avid user of marijuana, the new KEEP storage for cannabis is for you. It displays a clock and weather information on the outside, making it very discrete.

It opens to reveal multiple storage spaces for several types of cannabis products, along with a rolling tray. Here is the bomber, however. It locks and opens via facial recognition! Or a data encrypted app.

1. Hypervolt Plus Cordless Vibration Massager

Source: Runner’s World

As the lockdown continues with no foreseeable end, it is unlikely that you’ll be getting a real massage from a human any time soon. Not to worry—there are gadgets to fill our needs.

The Hypervolt Percussion Massager looks like a power tool and packs a sixty-watt motor to propel the massager’s five interchangeable heads up to three different speeds.

Ten years ago, we were sliding our phones open, and all had big back TVs. Look at us now! All sorts of innovations to simplify our lives and satisfy the continuous demand for easy to use and intriguing revolutionary help aids. Who knows what we’ll have ten years from now. Maybe the world will be driving carbonless cars!