10 Coolest Toys For Your Pool This Summer

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With summer quickly approaching, everyone is looking forward to the long, hot days followed by still, warm evenings. The best way to beat the heat is with constant pool parties with your friends and family. But how can you keep your pool parties from becoming repetitive and ensure your guests are entertained? Throwing in a couple of beach balls just won’t cut it anymore – you’ll need to find ways to make your pool stand out. But don’t worry, it won’t be hard once you’ve read about these top ten coolest toys for your pool this summer!

10. Inflatable Movie Screen

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Movie night with your friends and family just got a whole lot more fun with the addition of an inflatable movie screen. Fill your pool with floats for your guests and position the screen towards the pool for the ultimate viewing experience. Floating in the water, you will feel cool and relaxed as your favorite movie plays on. For larger parties, this screen can also be great for playing background photo slideshows to add the entertainment.

9. Floating Drink Holders

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Keep your beverages afloat with these stylish flamingos. The floats are designed to not tip over in water, making them the perfect addition to any pool or Jacuzzi. The pool water may even keep your drinks cold! Having a flock of floating flamingos will easily bring a tropical vibe to your backyard party, and everyone in attendance will want to give one a try.

8. Pool Bull Riding

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Who doesn’t love a little horseplay in the pool? With this inflatable bull, you can challenge your friends to see who can stay on the longest while others surround and aim to buck you into the pool. Falling from this bull into the water will hurt a lot less that other bulls you may have encountered! Endless fun is to be had once you let the bull loose during your next pool party.

7. Critter Escape Ramp

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Nothing ruins the vibe of a pool party than when you head outside to see the tragic sight of little critter who may have drowned overnight. No one wants these little guys harmed! With the addition of this escape ramp, small animals such as frogs, bunnies, and chipmunks now have a change to save themselves once they happen to fall in. You will be saving lives and keeping your pool clean all at the same time.

6. Swimming Pool Lights

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Create instant ambiance with a colorful underwater light show. This floating lamp will illuminate your pool with four different colors and five separate light shows. No matter which mood you are trying to create, this light has the ability to enhance it. Your guest will be impressed that you now have an underwater disco ball floating around in your pool.

5. Remote Control Boat

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You will have hours of entertainment playing in your pool with a remote controlled boat. Capable of sharp turns and high speeds, this boat will captivate your friends until everyone has had a turn. This is a toy fun for any age, so don’t let your kids hog all of the fun!

4. Floating Poker Table

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Every party can be improved with a fun round of poker, so why should pool parties be any different? With this pool-ready poker table, you and your friends can play cards in the sun without leaving the cool waters of your pool. Complete with floating chairs and waterproof cards, this kit will revamp your poker games all summer long.

3. Motorized Wave Cruiser

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You won’t be able to keep the kids out of the water all summer long once you’ve shown them this motorized wave cruiser. It zooms all over the pool, and is complete with an integrated water blaster which shoots a stream of water up to 20 feet. Does it get much better than squirting your friends with water and making a quick getaway?

2. Aqua Golf

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With this floating golf course, you can practice your aim or choose to challenge your friends for a competitive round. This is the perfect pool toy for both the serious golfer and anyone just looking for a new pool game to play. While it floats around the pool, you will continuously need to adjust your strategy for varied distances – adding to both the challenge and the fun!

1. Blossoming Water Fountain

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Attach this fountain to your pool inlet for an instant calming, beautiful water feature right in the center of your pool. The sound will create a tranquil environment and will be the perfect backdrop to any backyard party. The falling water will even add to your swimming experience.

There are many ways to easily update your pool, and your family and friends will appreciate you for it. Summer is a time for spending your days outdoors, and while pools can be independently fun, it never hurts to have a few games to play. Your backyard pool is your own little oasis, so make it uniquely yours with the addition of the accessories that fit your family best!