10 Crazy Products You Never Knew You Could Buy at Costco

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Costco is everyone’s favorite wholesale store, with millions of people crowding in every weekend to buy toilet paper, shampoo, and any other product they don’t mind buying in extreme bulk. Customers weave up and down the aisles, hunting for deals and snacking on product samples. Little did they know that there is much, much more to Costco than meets the eye. Be prepared to be surprised with these ten crazy products you never knew Costco offered!

10. Coffins

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Normally, when contemplating their final resting place, one doesn’t automatically think of Costco. But perhaps they should, as Costco now sells affordable coffins. Beginning at about $1,000, Costco coffins range in color and size and can be purchased online.

9. Swimming Pools

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While they may not be on display in stores, you can now buy above-ground pools from Costco. The pools range from $1,900-$2,500 depending on size. And fear not – steps, winter cover, and maintenance kit come included.

8. Emergency Rations

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Do you believe the end is near? If so, for about $1,000, you can stock your bomb shelter with a year’s supply of canned and freeze-dried food. The food will last on your shelf for about 25 years, and allows a 1,200 calorie-per-day diet. Stocking your end-of-days bunker has never been so affordable!

7. Custom Pet Portraits

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Do you love your pet so much that you would spend $2,000 to have their face artfully immortalized on canvas? If your answer is yes, head on down to Costco, where you can commission a portrait of your pet. While they won’t have your pet pose for the artist, they can duplicate a picture and turn it into a piece of artwork.

6. Wine Cellars

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Costco, shockingly, has a large selection of wine coolers and shelving. With prices ranging from $150-$5,000, it’s safe to say that they offer the right wine solution for any home. And, no matter how many bottles your new wine cooler will hold, we know who also has the best deals on wine to fill it with!

5. High-end Jewelry

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Most don’t associate a Costco warehouse with expensive, high-end jewelry, but clearly we have been mislead. Costco sells a high number of beautiful engagement rings, some costing close to $500,000. Who knew?

4. Wagyu Beef

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Wagyu Beef is an extremely high quality and high costing beef from Japan. Because of it’s exclusive nature, it probably comes as a surprise that you can buy it at Costco, alongside a package of 85 hamburger patties no less. The steaks go for about $100 per pound, often costing upwards of $1,000 for a package.

3. Vacations

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From cruises to safaris, Costco has you covered for all your vacation needs. They offer a variety of vacation packages for you to choose from – and they are actually quite affordable! The packages generally include hotel and airfare, and sometimes include excursions, food and beverage deals, and much more.

2. New Cars

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While you won’t be seeing lots full of new cars available for purchase any time soon, Costco can still help you save money while buying a new car. Through their Auto Program, Costco offers discounts on new cars at dealerships. They also save you money on auto parts and, of course, tires.

1. Wedding Dresses

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It is clear that Costco does not see itself as “just a warehouse store”. They want to be your go-to place for much classier items as well – so why should wedding dresses be any different? Costco now sells six different wedding dresses from the designer Kirstie Kelly.

Costco was once know for selling products in massive quantities. It seems they are now trying to shed this image. They are starting to carry far more high-end products while still managing to offer extreme deals. From diapers to coffins, it appears Costco is a one-stop for every stage of life.