10 Disgusting Candies You Should Avoid

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Candy should be sweet and delicious. Often candy is used as a treat for the little ones when they do something good like finishing their homework or behaving at the grocery store. But don’t get me wrong, adults also love to indulge in a sweet treat now and then.

However, candy makers appear to be running out of ideas and resort to making some horrible products and calling them candy. Check out this list of 10 disgusting candies you should avoid.

10. BeanBoozled Jelly Beans

Bean Boozled
Source: eBay

BeanBoozled jellybeans are for candy lovers who enjoy a little adventure. They are perfect for pranks and parties, the reason being that BeanBoozled jelly beans come in two categories; a tasty one and one that tastes absolutely horrible.

You never know if you are picking apple flavor or baby wipes flavor. Yep, it’s true. Someone thought that baby wipes, rotten egg, moldy cheese and other disgusting flavors would be a good idea.

If you are a prankster, then this candy may appeal to you. Any other sane person should keep their distance from this disgusting invention.

9. Crick-Ettes     

Crick Ettes
Source: Amazon.com

Crick-Ettes deserve a spot on this list. The name says it all. Insects are not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of candy. They are real Crickets that are sprinkled with various flavors.

Crick-Ettes could be seen as more of a snack because they come in savory flavors. Many people would consider eating crickets gross and disgusting, but there are people out there that will eat these and enjoy them.

8. Durian Candy 

Source: Amazon.com

Durian is a fruit that is commonly found in Southeast Asia. The smell of Durian is indescribable and so distinct that you won’t forget it. Durian fruit is banned on public transport in Singapore because of its horrible smell. Candy should be a sweet-smelling and tasty treat, not smelly!

 7. Jane-Jane Tasty Tuna Tidbits

Jane Jane Tasty Tuna Tidbits
Source: Yummy Magazine

This is a candy that has real fish flavor. Jane-Jane Tasty Tuna is not a satisfying candy at all. In fact, it is quite disgusting. This candy is intended for people who need to shed fat, which is an interesting concept for candy.

What’s even more interesting is that the sugars that make the candy comes from Tuna tidbits. The fishy smell of this candy is enough to keep your candy cravings at bay.

6. Hotlix Candy

Source: TakePart

Hotlix candy may be sweet on the outside, but that is just the sugar coating. Inside the Hotlix candy is a scorpion, a real-life scorpion. It doesn’t matter how intense your candy craving is; licking through the guts of a  dead scorpion is nowhere in the dictionary for candy lovers.

This so-called “candy” should not be found in your house, or worst of all, in your mouth. It is concerning that some people dare to think that a creature as creepy as a scorpion can make candy.

5. Gorilla Boogers

Gorilla Boogers
Source: Yummy Magazine

Gorilla Boogers are not as horrible as the name suggests, but that does not make them good candy. One version of this candy, predominantly found in Asia is made from dried black beans. Another version is simply raisins.

Nothing about these is mouth-watering. Underneath the sweetener, they actually have a dirt-like flavor. The fact that they are called Gorilla Boogers help.

4. Dubbel Zout

Double Zout
Source: Matador Network

Dubbel Zout is actually made from Dutch licorice. Dutch licorice is legendary for its salty taste despite its aura of simplicity. If you are offered Dutch licorice, you may notice the weird way that the natives are taking glances at you.

They may be wondering how anyone in their right mind can stomach the taste. There is a reason why it is called the horrors of Dutch, and it is because of its extreme taste. In fact, many natives believe that no foreigner can handle the taste.

3. Candy Scabs

Candy Scabs
Source: Candy Warehouse

The hideous thing about Candy Scabs is actually not the taste but the design. They are designed in such a way that they actually resemble scabs complete with plasters.

There is no plausible reason why someone saw it fit to make candy that resembles scabs. It is quite unimaginable that anyone could actually enjoy eating Candy Scabs. The thought of licking wounds is not the way to get people to buy candy.

2. Ear Wax Candy

Earwax Candy
Source: Pinterest

The actual candy itself may not be as bad as suggested, but Ear Wax Candy still makes it into the top 10 Most Disgusting Candies. The name of this candy is horrifying on its own.

It is beyond common sense why anyone thought that the idea of eating earwax would drive up sales. Who would want to lick any kind of wax for that matter? To rub more salt to the wound, Ear Wax Candy even comes with a swab as if to replicate someone swabbing their ear.

1. Ant Candy

Ant Candy
Source: Candy Warehouse

As the name suggests, Ant Candy is a type of candy that is predominantly composed of lumps of melted sugar and dead ants. Even the packaging looks a bit scary, so why would anyone willingly buy such candy? It is simply unexplainable. There are real dead ants underneath all that sugar, which is enough to repulse any average Joe.