10 Disturbing Things People Have Found in Hotel Rooms

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Hotel Room

We all love finding things–like that $20 bill you forgot you stuffed in your pocket two weeks ago, or some food in your fridge that you forgot about. It’s almost feels like we’ve stumbled upon a treasure chest full of gold! Unfortunately, for many hotel workers and guests, their finds aren’t always so sweet. Here are ten disturbing things people have found in hotel rooms.

10. Body Parts

Body Parts
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Travelodge, the UK’s largest independent hotel chain, revealed that a hotel guest once left behind a collection of prosthetic legs with different shoes.

In another story, a man named Jim Angelton found a prosthesis in a hotel room in London. A left foot, to be exact. It was under a bed. He called the front desk and a security guy came and put the foot in a big trash bag because he didn’t to be seen carrying around a body part.

Lastly, Reddit user the_lock recounted the time a hotel maid found several body parts in a bathtub. She walked into a room and saw ten severed heads in a tub of water. She told the manager, who then called the police. When the guest returned to his room, he was immediately taken down by the police. But, it turns out it was just a misunderstanding. He was in charge of a cadaver lab being held the next morning and needed to thaw the heads.

9. Poop

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Robert Rose, host and producer of Raw Travel TV, told Bravo TV about the time he found poop in his hotel room: We were exhausted from a full day of shooting and more than ready to get some sleep. When we walked into the room, this overwhelming stench hit us. Much to our surprise, we found animal droppings from a VERY large rat, raccoon or some animal (we weren’t sure), on top of the air conditioner, trailing down onto the carpet. It was the most disgusting smell ever!

Reddit user WaterWitchOfTheNorth, who worked as a housekeeper in a small motel, also had a poop horror story: We had to clean a room covered in human feces. It was everywhere–on the bed, on the towels–except for, ironically, the toilet. On top of all that, I was told I couldn’t even use gloves when cleaning it up.

But, that’s not the worst of it. If you think those two stories were absolutely disgusting, wait ’til you read what this hotel maid said on RateMyJob.com:

When I worked for a Super 8, I walked into a room and instantly smelled feces. Strangely enough, I didn’t see anything. I was almost finished cleaning the room but could still smell it. I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from until I got to the coffee pot. Someone had pooped where the coffee grounds are supposed to go and made a pot of poop water. I threw the whole thing in the dumpster and went to the owner to ask for a new pot. I was told to go get the old one and bleach it. I quit right away.

8. Animals

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Many hotels are animal-friendly, but we’re pretty sure this isn’t what they mean…

-Reddit user bluepaul found a goat dressed up like Abraham Lincoln in a hotel room. The user is unsure how the goat got there and how it was removed.

-Travel blogger Christopher Mitchell said in a Reader’s Digest article that he and his girlfriend once encountered the biggest tarantula he’d ever seen in his life when they stayed overnight in a small village on the Mekong Delta. “It must have been the size of both of my hands combined,” he said.

-A front desk hotel worker went to a room and found four ladies gutting a seal. “Can’t imagine how pissed the housekeeping staff was about that… From the looks of it they weren’t trying very hard to keep the guts and juices from getting everywhere,” the worker said on RateMyJob.com.

7. Another Guest

No Vacancy
Source: Wikimedia Commons by Eric Michael ericmichael (https://unsplash.com/photos/l-Sw7_pWDzE) [CC0]
A woman identified as Angela Grace told Reader’s Digest about the time she was in town for her brother’s wedding and found someone in her motel room. “We booked at the only motel available. When we arrived and were given a key, there was a naked man already in bed! They had given us the wrong room.”

Travel writer Ramsey Qubein told Bravo TV that he found “another person napping on my bed, [who] insisted that it was their room now, despite all of my stuff being strewn around the room.”

6. Dead Bodies

Dead Body
Source: Wikimedia Commons by Ralf Roletschek [FAL or GFDL 1.2 (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/old-licenses/fdl-1.2.html)]
Three years ago, a lawyer was found dead in his hotel room in Washington, D.C. According to police, 30-year-old David Messerschmitt was stabbed in the back multiple times at the Donovan Hotel. Hotel management found him lying face down on the floor.

In another tragic story, a maid found a suicide victim in a hotel room. She had put a pillow on her head and shot through it. The woman had decided to check into a hotel and kill herself so her family wouldn’t find her body at home.

5. A Ghost

Source: Pexels

According to a Reader’s Digest article, a man and his grandson once had a “spiritual” encounter in a hotel room. We heard the hangers rattling in the closet rattling, but no one was there. Shorty after that we heard footsteps pacing back and forth on the carpet outside the bathroom door, Don Allison said.

But, it should have come as no surprise to the two guests that they would have an otherworldly visitor. After all, they were staying in one of the most active paranormal hot spots in the world, a.k.a. Gettysburg, PA. Creepy, huh?

4. Unusual Clothing

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The Travelodge guests have been at it again, but this time instead of leaving body parts, they decided to leave behind some very unusual clothing. Here’s a partial list of what the hotel chain said they have found in the rooms at some of their locations:

-a suitcase full of Disney Princess outfits
-a diamond tiara
-a wedding saree worth £10,000
-a replica of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress
-a suitcase of Jimmy Choo shoes
-and last, but certainly not least, a Chewbacca costume

3. Weapons

Source: Pexels

It seems as though this Jim Angleton guy is always finding strange stuff in hotel rooms. We’re not sure what hotels he stays in, but if we find out, we’ll make sure to include them on our list of places to avoid, lol! Anyway, last time we told you he found a prosthetic foot under a hotel bed. This time around it was a loaded gun under a pillow. “When I called the hotel front desk, they were deeply concerned and hotel security came… They called the police and moved me to the Presidential Suite,” Angleton told Reader’s Digest.

Walter G. Meyer, former assistant manager of the Marina Motel in Venice, CA, recounted the time a gun was found at the motel. Two maids came running into his office upset and asked him to come to a room they’d been cleaning. Underneath the mattress was a metal attache case and an automatic pistol. Meyer called the police, and when they came out and opened the case, it was full of $100 bills. “They took it as evidence,” Meyer told Bravo TV.

2. Ice-Cold Pizza

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Hotel guests will sometimes leave behind little treats for the workers–like the guests who left the fridge and cupboards stocked with groceries, or the guest who said he buys a 6-pack of beer, only drinks a few, and leaves the rest behind in the mini-fridge for the workers to divvy up. But that’s nothing compared to what Quora user Steven Brewer found in his hotel room. He pulled back the covers on his bed and slid in. He felt something cold and wet on his feet. It was an ice-cold pizza! “I sat in a chair, laughed hysterically for five minutes, and then called hotel security,” Brewer wrote on Quora.

1. An Upside Down Room

Upside Down
Source: Pexels

Well, not the whole room–just the furniture was upside down. That’s what Reddit member EyesWideStupid found at a luxury hotel. There was a big name band staying there. They weren’t noisy and seemed like the perfect guests–that is, until the workers went to clean the room after the band checked out. That’s when they discovered the band had nailed all of the furniture to the ceiling to match the way it was originally arranged on the floor. Needless to say, management didn’t think their prank was all that funny.


This is just a small list of some of the things found in hotel rooms (Some things were too risqué to include on this list, lol!) By the way, did you know that if you happen to leave something behind at a hotel, there’s a pretty good chance you won’t get it back? It has more to do with your private life than it has to do with the “finders keepers” rule. Read this article to learn more.