10 Examples of Epic Fails

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Epic Fail

To err is human, right? So, it’s expected that we’re going to mess up sometimes. But, sometimes we mess up majorly. That said, here are ten examples of some major epic fails.

10. Woman Gets Stuck in Toy Car

Cozy Coupe
Source: Wikimedia Commons By Andrew Bone from Weymouth, England [CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)]

Have you ever heard the expression that says it’s easier to get into something than it is to get out of it? Well, that saying couldn’t be any more true for Zoe Archibald, a 34-year-old woman who climbed into her one-year-old cousin’s toy car for a joke and ended up getting stuck! Archibald contorted her body every which way but loose — literally. She was trapped in the car for an entire hour before her dad had to use a bread knife to cut her out of it. Not only that but her 26-year-old nephew caught the whole ordeal on camera. Perhaps we’ll see it on “America’s Funniest Home Videos” someday!

9. Gunsmith Accidentally Shoots Himself in the Arm

Gun Shop
Source: Pixabay

A gunsmith at the Bass Pro Shop in Grapevine, TX, accidentally shot himself in the arm while working on a rifle one Tuesday afternoon back in October, Atlanta’s CW69 reported. According to the television station, Grapevine police said the rifle went off because the gunsmith had failed to clear it prior to beginning his work. The employee, whose name had not been released, was taken to Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas with non-life threatening injuries, CBS Dallas/Fort Worth reported.

8. Guys Roast Turkey Using Jet Truck

Roasted Turkey
Source: Pixabay

There’s nothing like a nice, juicy roasted turkey waiting to be carved on Thanksgiving day. And, if you’ve ever cooked one, you know that the process can be very time-consuming. Perhaps that’s why these guys decided to find a unique way to roast their Thanksgiving turkey. Instead of popping the bird in the oven, they decided to suspend it from an iron bar on the cargo bed of a parked jet truck. “As the engine revered and roared, a flash of fire released from the truck, roasting the bird entirely. The turkey was blown away seconds later,” Atlanta’s CW69 reported.

7. Underage Man Gets Arrested for Using a Fake ID at a Bar

Source: Pixabay

According to Newsweek, a 20-year-old man was taken into custody back in October for allegedly using a fake Hawaii ID with the name “McLovin” to get into a bar. Daniel Alfredo Burleson of Des Moines, IA, was holding an alcoholic beverage in his hand when he was approached by officers. When asked for his ID, he said he didn’t have one but pulled out his wallet anyway and began shuffling through it. That’s when police saw the fake ID with the name “McLovin” on it.

Now, you’re probably saying to yourself, “Why does the name ‘McLovin’ sound so familiar?” Well, chances are you heard it before from the comedy movie “Superbad.” In it, a character named Fogell uses a fake ID with the name “McLovin” on it to purchase alcohol from a liquor store. Fogell’s ID was also a Hawaii driver’s license and the date of birth on his — 06/03/1981 — was similar to the date of birth — 06/03/1961 — on Burleson’s ID.

FUN FACT: A variety of these fake “McLovin” IDs can be bought easily on Amazon.com for about $10 — and that’s exactly where Burleson purchased his from.

6. Thomas Edison’s Electric Pen

Electric Pen
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Thomas Edison is most well-known for inventing the light bulb. But, what you may not know is that he invented a number of other things as well, one of them being the electric pen. Needless to say, it was an epic fail. The pen was powered by a small electric motor and battery and relied on a handheld needle that moved up and down as you wrote. It didn’t use ink but instead punched tiny holes through the paper’s surface which would be used to create a stencil of documents on wax paper, which you could then make copies of by rolling ink over it and “printing” words onto the blank paper underneath. Not only was this pen noisy, but it was also much heavier than the typical pen. Also, the batteries had to be maintained using chemical solutions in a jar. “It was messy,” author Leonard DeGraaf told Smithsonian magazine.

5. Google Lively

Google Lively
Source: Wikipedia

Google launched a new service back in 2008 called Lively. It was a browser-based 3D virtual world add-on where users could create and/or customize avatars and worlds, and interact with other users. Windows users could embed the worlds into web pages via IE or Firefox. The project started and came to an end in just a little over four months. But, for fans of the project, four months simply wasn’t long enough. So, in 2009 Google Lively fans resurrected the project and gave it a new name: Newlively. Unfortunately, Newlively was a short-lived project as well.

4. Man Runs Into Closed Garage Door

Garage Door
Source: Pixabay

This story sounds like something straight out of the “America’s Funniest Home Videos” vault. We’ve seen it happen before. Somebody closes an open door and an unsuspecting person walks slam into it. Well, this story is something like that but with a little twist. “So we are about to leave the house, but my husband realizes that what he was looking for in his truck, was actually in the house. He takes off running to get it at the exact moment I begin to close the garage door since I thought we were done in the house. Without noticing the door closing, he slams into it with his face at full speed,” the wife told Atlanta’s CW69. The whole incident was caught on video. “We laugh every time we watch it,” she said.

3. Woman’s Rear End is Exposed at a Liquor Store

Liquor Store
Source: Pixabay

What’s more embarrassing than those dreams where you’re naked in front of everyone? Having that actually happen to you in real life, that’s what. While she wasn’t totally naked, Ava Wolf’s bottom was exposed one day during a trip to the liquor store. “[I] stopped by the liquor store for a bottle of wine after a 9-hour workday, and as I was bending over to grab a bottle from the bottom shelf the entire a** of my overalls ripped wide open, cheek to cheek. [I] heard someone say ‘oh my God’,” the woman said on Twitter.

2. The Edison Home Service Club

Vintage Record Player
Source: Pixabay

Before there was Columbia House (remember the “8 CDs for a penny” deal?), there was the Edison Home Service Club. In 1922, Thomas Edison rolled out the Edison Home Service Club, a subscription service that sent members 20 sample records in the mail each month. After two days, they would select the records they wanted to order and send the samples to the next subscriber. It’s not that Edison’s idea was ridiculous; in fact, the service was quite popular in small clusters of buyers, but the company just didn’t have enough money to implement such as service on a larger scale, specifically nationwide.

1. Lottery Winners Get Arrested on Drug Charges

Lottery Tickets
Source: Pixabay

Atlanta’s CW69 reported back in July that a Florida mother and her son won a $20,000 lottery prize, and that shortly after returning home from claiming their winnings, the two were arrested on drug charges. According to CW69, deputies said they had a search warrant when they showed up at the family’s home. Upon arriving they found the 59-year-old mother standing on the porch with her 39-year-old son, who had a box with three bags of drugs that tested positive for heroin and fentanyl. The son’s girlfriend was also arrested for a probation violation. I guess their winnings will probably go toward paying off all their legal fees.


Your turn! Do you have any examples of epic fails? Share your stories with us in the comments below.