10 Facts You Need To Know About Mother’s Day

10 Facts You Need To Know About Mother's Day

Mother’s day, as the name suggests, is the day when we all look upon to the most important female in our life – our Mother. This day is all about showing your love, gratitude and thankfulness for your Mom. In today’s world, Mother’s day might seem like other tame holidays. However one thing that may not be known to most people is that this day has its roots embedded in a political protest. The person who supported mother’s day in the very beginning of its existence was arrested for doing so. So be ready for some astonishing and amazing facts about Mother’s day. Maybe you can even impress your own mom!

10. Mother’s Day Flowers

An amazing fact about Mother’s day is that on this day, 1/4th of the world’s flower purchases are made all around the world.. An astonishing ratio!

Pink and red carnations are generally given to mother’s that are still alive while white ones are for those that have passed away. Carnations are reported to be the most popular flowers on Mother’s day. They are very popular around the world. Roses are a close second.

9. Mysteries and Myths

Mother’s Day is often associated with the following days:

  1. Mothering Sunday, a Christian holiday
  2. Cybele, a Greek tradition
  3. Hilaria, a Roman festival

But, please note that Mother’s day’s origin does not come from any of these days. They have no real association with Mother’s day. However, in 1908, Anna Jarvis celebrated the first Mother’s Day. That is the true origin.

8. A Sacred Day Turned Commercialized

Anna Jarvis, who was the pioneer of Mother’s day celebrations, saw that the day had lost it’s real purpose. The world had commercialized this day into a day of feasting and buying materialistic gifts. The real purpose – making your mother feel as special as possible – had been slipping from reality. After seeing all this commercialization of the Mother’s day holiday, Anna decided to protest against this very act. She knew that it was destroying the real spirit of Mother’s day. In doing so she was arrested by the police.

7. Much of the World Celebrates Mother’s Day

People from around 50 countries throughout the world celebrate Mother’s day in their own way. The strange thing is that in almost all languages the word Mother starts with a letter ‘M’. It’s the third most popular event in the entire world.

6. Millions of Smiles

A press release from the U.S. Census Bureau stated that there were about 90.5 million mothers in the United States (2011 stats). This day brings millions and millions of smiles throughout Earth. A beautiful moment indeed. Nothing is sweeter than seeing your mother smiling her heart out.

5. Happy Mother’s Day Mom, I love you

Approximately 136 million phone calls are made to mothers on Mother’s Day in the United States. God knows high this stat is throughout the entire world. A truly marvelous event.

4. Mother’s Day Gifts

The amount of money spent on Mother’s Day in the U.S. is approximately $22 billion and that number rises each year. Almost 85% of people opted to buy cards, 65% opted to buy flowers along with cards and 43% people opted to buy jewelry for their mothers on Mother’s day.

3. Women Love is Eternal!

Recent stats show that about 80% of the flowers sold on Mother’s day were purchased by Women. This fact shows that Women’s love has infinite boundaries.

2. 24/7 Job!

A job of a mother is never over. It starts with the birth of the baby and then never ends. Moms are always there when we need them. They are real super heroes in bad times and a cause of happiness in good times.

1. Strange but True Mother’s Day Facts

The oldest woman to deliver a baby was reported on April 9, 2003. Her name is, Satyabhama Mahapatra. She is a 65-year-old retired school teacher from India.

We wish this day brings every Mother a lot of happiness and joy. May the memories of our Mother remain with us forever.