10 Free Apps To Optimize Productivity and Organization

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Technology aids in our success in more ways than we realize. You can hardly do anything without the input of technology and the advent of the pandemic led to more people relying on technology to get tasks done.

There are so many free, helpful apps and sites available it’s mind-boggling. The present generation of users is so fortunate to be living in an era when you can do virtually everything from your smartphone.

Whether it’s applying for a job without leaving your home or shopping for your basic needs, innovative technology gives the world everything we need at our fingertips tips.

Continue reading to learn about apps that help optimize productivity and organization.

10. Microsoft To Do

On-the-go professionals keep many lists to keep track of their tasks. It can be hard to keep them organized and your priorities straight. Here is a life-saving app to translate your chaos in to order. Its design is functional on iPod, iPhone, Android and laptops.

It helps you manage your various lists as well as track your essential notes and documents. You can also create voice recordings of reminders for different tasks.

9. Evernote

Evernote is like sticky notes in the cloud! Every bit of information from your thoughts you can safely track by just sending them to Evernote.

You manage your to-do lists on this do-everything app. It allows you to scan your receipts, your business cards, and documents, your handwritten notes.

It will also record your voice memos. It obeys your every command and reduces your stress levels. DeMorrow wrote her last two books almost entirely on Evernote for its organizational skills.

8. Todoist

Todist helps you manage all of those checklists you have scattered around on different not pads, in Google Docs or wherever else you were scribbling!

The app collects all your lists and organizes them in one place. It’s essentially your personal assistant that makes you feel in control of your every decision and action.

7. CamCard

Get the free version of CamCard and leave those business cards behind that have been weighing you down. The CamCard app allows you to scan 500 business cards, so all your clients will be at your fingertips tips on your phone.

This is an excellent way to keep track of your contacts, whether they are professional or personal. Just take a picture of the business card, and the app automatically sends it to your address book.

6. Trello

Trello makes life easy and simple for you to manage your workflow. This is especially useful if you have to collaborate with teammates and share information with clients.

You get to organize your projects with an easy layout. Your smaller tasks you can group in cards and boards and assign to team members with manageable due dates.

5. Freedom

You have the freedom to use this app and block any distraction from stealing your workflow! Social media and websites bombard us with information we didn’t request. It can get distracting and frustrating. The Freedom app helps you avoid detours and concentrate on the job at hand, to finish your work on time.

4. Toggl

This app will help you keep your job and be the best at it! Toggl allows you to see how much time you spend accomplishing tasks. Once you become aware of the time you spend doing your different tasks, you can adjust accordingly.

You want maximum productivity to show your boss you are the ultimate professional. So, organize your schedules for timing and efficiency. Apart from easy scheduling, Toggl also gives detailed reports of your data.

3. Habitica

You know how some persons are more productive when they play music. Well, Habitica gives you that type of fun vibe. It uses gamification to help boost productivity.

It also helps to foster good habits in your life. It tracks your time to make sure you’re not wasting time, but it’s so much more.

Each morning you put in the habits and desires you need for the day. You then customize an avatar, and as you accomplish tasks, your avatar releases cool awards, including pets, armor and even sends you on a quest!

2. Any Do

Any Do is a to-do list with a planner, calendar and a reminder app. It syncs nicely across your other devices and integrates with your other calendars, and you can also add to your to-do list with the cool voice entry features. Get this one and keep on top of things!

1. Forest Stay Focused

People have different working habits to get them through the day successfully and with satisfaction. And what works for one person generally doesn’t work for all.

For those who buzz away in small spurts then take a breather, this app is for you! It breaks up your schedule into fifteen minutes work sessions then gives you an intermittent five minute-break.

You can set interval duration and break duration and come out beaming at the end of the day pretty satisfied.

Discoveries are made every day, and we keep moving forward to better and greater things. What will they think of next?

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