10 Funny Stories of Rebellious Cats

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According to Smithsonian magazine, scientists say that not only are cats really smart, but they also don’t really care what you want — as is evidenced by the following stories of rebellious cats who just refuse to conform to the norms of society.

10. Cat Sticks Paws in People’s Water

Cat Water

A few years ago The Guardian asked readers to share their tales of the strangest things their cats have done. Sarah Grieco told the newspaper that her cat, named Velcro, had a habit of sticking his paws in people’s water when they leave the table. “This past Christmas, I walked away to take a call and my mom caught him in the act. So sneaky! But we wouldn’t always know if our water was … cat-aminated, if you will. Eventually we had to resort to putting coasters atop our glasses if we ventured away from our beverages,” Grieco said.

9. Cat Poops on People

Cat Sitting On Person
Source: Pixabay

This story is from Faith Rowold, another reader of The Guardian. According to Faith, her cat, Hannah, does not like being picked up. And, for some reason she chooses to show her displeasure of being picked up by pooping on people. “A couple of years ago, when a bunch of friends came over for my first NYC birthday party, a friend of mine either forgot or disregarded my warning, and Hannah expressed her displeasure all over my friend’s shirt,” she told The Guardian. Meanwhile, some years later, Hannah was “clamoring around on the bed, pawing my face, meowing to wake the dead. I couldn’t handle it. Without thinking about which end of the cat was pointed at me, I pushed her away, and immediately regretted it. Hannah had expressed her displeasure directly in my face.”

8. Black Cat Interrupts Football Game at MetLife Stadium

Metlife Stadium
Source: Wikimedia Commons By gargudojr [CC BY-SA 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)]
On Monday, November 4, 2019, a black cat ran onto the field at MetLife Stadium during the second quarter of an NFL game between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys. The elusive cat sent stadium officials on a chase that briefly delayed the nationally televised game. Monday night’s search for the feline was unsuccessful, so they started out again Tuesday morning, setting multiple traps (humane, of course) in the stadium. But, once again, they came up empty. It was then that stadium officials turned to PuppykittyNYCity — a trap, neuter, release and no-kill shelter — for help. “We are hopeful that together we can find the black cat that we all fell in love with Monday night,” the stadium statement said, according to San Antonio Express-News. Whether or not they actually found the cat remains a mystery. Perhaps, he or she will make an appearance again some day.

7. Shelter Cat Lets Fellow Roommates Loose

Shelter Cat
Source: Pixabay

The antics of a Houston-area shelter cat went viral after photos of him letting his friends loose was posted on Facebook. According to the Houston Chronicle, the 7-year-old rebellious cat, known as Quilty, was caught repeatedly letting his fellow shelter cats out of their rooms and into the shelter’s lobby. “Quilty will not be contained. And he has no shame,” the shelter wrote in the light-hearted post on Facebook, according to the Houston Chronicle. Since then, Quilty has performed a number of antics, including crashing company meetings and trying to escape through windows. “Quilty now believes he can definitely escape through the windows,” the shelter posted on Facebook, according to the Houston Chronicle. “While we doubt it, he’s surprised us before.”

6. Cat Answers the Telephone

Cat Phone
Source: Pixabay

Caroline Kenney told The Guardian that her tuxedo cat, Seymour, really loved telephones. In fact, he loved them so much that he’d answer them. Now, you’re probably saying to yourself, “How on earth is that even possible.” Well, this was before the days of cell phones and cordless phones. All you had to do to answer one of them was knock the receiver off the top. And, according to Kenney, that’s exactly what her cat did. “More than once, a friend told us that they heard a chirpy meow instead of the standard ‘hello’ when they called,” she said.

5. Cat Sticks Head in Dogs’ Mouths

Cat Dog
Source: Pixabay

Cats and dogs really do hate each other. Their interactions consist of a lot of hissing, clawing, chasing, and barking. But, Guardian US managing editor Jennifer Kho’s cat takes another approach: he sticks his head in dogs’ mouths. “When we first brought home our pit bull, Daily, a few years ago, we were wondering how our cats would react. One of our cats, Stringer, went right up to Daily and stuck his head in her big mouth… For weeks, whenever she would yawn nearby, Stringer would put his head in her mouth,” Kho said on TheGuardian.com. “Over the next year, he met other dogs, but didn’t do it; but then, a year later, a friend brought her pit bull to visit for a play date. Before we even noticed Stringer was in the room, he’d run over and stuck his head in the surprised dog’s mouth.”

4. Cat Takes Over Apartment Building

Apartment Building
Source: Pixabay

Perhaps you’ve heard this story before since it went viral. A cat took over an entire apartment building in Brooklyn, New York. But, he didn’t do it all on his own. He had a little help from some furry friends. According to TIME magazine, writer John Paul Brammer had three uninvited guests show up at his doorstep back in March. “There’s a… cat and two dogs knocking on my apartment door? Like, inside the building what do I do?” Brammer wrote on Twitter.

The animals, who belonged to Brammer’s upstairs neighbor, had mistakenly got out, so Brammer decided to return them to the upstairs neighbor. But, the rebellious pets were having none of it. “I would find one solution, and then the animals would overcome it,” Brammer told TIME.

3. Cat That Steals Thumbtacks

Source: Pixabay

BuzzFeed asked its community members to share some of their cat tales with them. A member who goes by the username jenk45e655a19 said that their cat loves to steal thumbtacks from corkboards. But, this cat isn’t looking to hang up notes in his cat tower. He’s up to something way more sinister than that. According to jenk45e655a19, after the cat steals the thumbtacks, he puts them in people’s shoes when they’re not looking. Sounds like a practical joker to me.

2. Cat Who Hates Storytime

Cat Book
Source: Pixabay

Chris Roll, another BuzzFeed member, shared a tale about his cat, Marv. According to Roll, Marv hates it when he reads aloud. Whenever he does, Marv will begin pacing around and meowing insistently, in the hopes of getting him to stop reading. When that doesn’t work, he climbs on top of the book and even bites Roll’s wrists. Perhaps he should just let Marv look at the pictures next time, or better yet, give him a ball of yarn or a toy mouse to play with.

1. Cat Who Turns Off Unsaved Video Games

Source: Pixabay

Here’s another practical joker. This cat, belonging to ZoeLC, another member of the BuzzFeed community, likes to press the release disc button on the Xbox while her owner is playing a game on it. “I would be playing and she would look dead into my eyes and press the button… It’s like she knew I didn’t save yet,” ZoeLC said. Maybe it would be best if the owner put the cat in another room or maybe even outside when it’s time to play a video game. Or, perhaps they could just wait until the cat takes a nap.


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