10 Great Ways To Practice Self-Care This Year

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Is self-care something you prioritize? It seems life is all about work these days. Everyone works so hard, they forget to take time out of their day to relax.

Caring for yourself involves deliberate actions to avoid ill-health, whether mentally, physically or even spiritually. Of course, life consists of some stress, but excessively stressing yourself magnifies the risks of unwanted heart problems.

There are many demands of life, and sometimes those demands hold us by the throat. To live a more health-conscious and joyful life, we must incorporate some form of self-care into our daily lives. Continue reading to learn great ways to do so.

10. Step Outside

mental health nature outside

When you step outside, your focus changes immediately. Already you are improving your mental and physical health. It is even more rewarding if you have greenery around you.

Many of us work from home now and find ourselves stuck inside all day. Spending time outside benefits the brain, similar to meditation. So, walk in your garden, breathe easily and smile!

9. Outdoor Workout


Improve your physical health and mental health at the same time doing a workout outside! The calming environs of nature will boost your self-esteem, research shows. Particularly for those persons with mental issues.

One study also shows that when people do outside exercise, they feel more vitalized, more energetic, less tense, depressed, and angry. Here’s a routine you can do in the park.

8. Avoid Stressful Situations

stress mental health

If you are not familiar with stress, you probably are living in a bubble somewhere. By now, we all know that stress is not a good thing, but it is hard to avoid. Stress results in high blood pressure and strain on the heart, threatening your health.

Stress can be a real burden and cloud your mind, affecting your judgment, leading to all sorts of dangerous outcomes. Since stress is contagious, it’s best to practice these steps to reverse any ill effects and spread peace of mind instead.

7. Mindfulness


This psychological state of awareness helps us to be aware of our experiences without judging ourselves—our feelings or our thoughts. Mindfulness is now a mainstream practice in psychological therapy.

Studies show that mindfulness enhances well-being and lowers stress levels. Mindfulness also helps keep our minds from wandering and allows us to see ourselves in a true light, resulting in overall happiness.

6. Be Happy, Don’t Worry!


Yes—of course, that’s better said than done. Sometimes we have to fight for our happiness. Apart from feeling great, happiness is healthy and good for our well-being. Research shows that being happy can prevent diseases, including heart disease.

If you find it hard to maintain happiness, try cracking a smile and helping others more often. Doing good deeds will make you feel amazing and could change someone’s life (who is also going through stuff) as well as your own.

5. Dancing!

happy dancing mental health

Forget about the bills for a while and put on some upbeat music—dancehall, soca, hip-hop, reggae, whatever. Shake what your mama gave you!

Not only will dancing release serotonin, but it will also burn calories. It will also improve your mood, body image and lower the risk of dementia. Even if you think you can’t dance, put some music on and let loose.

4. Eat Fruits and Veggies


Food is fuel! No self-care mission can occur without eating from this food group. Research shows that berries boost brain health, but other varieties of this group are great for cleansing the system and dispel lethargy and give you that overall “feel-good feeling.” Eating peppers can also reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease. The benefits of fueling your body with vitamins are great.

3. Retail Therapy!

retail therapy

If you haven’t shopped in a while and have the means to, allow yourself to splurge. It is a known fact that shopping makes us feel better. Just don’t empty your bank account. Treat yourself occasionally—it is self-care!

You don’t need to feel guilty about spending your own money on yourself. You work for it, and you deserve it! If you’re short on cash, this may add to your discomfort, so you can save toward buying something for yourself.

2. Sex!

sex happiness

There are loads of awesome benefits to sex! Apart from making us feel good, it helps our immune system to be more adaptable. That means we are more protected from sickness.

Sex helps us stay healthier—which is what we are striving for here. Sex can also relieve migraine pain and reduce stress. This will allow your blood pressure to react less to your stress. The benefits are many!

1. De-Clutter


Clutter can increase stress without you even realizing it. So, take the time to sort through and discard unneeded items. You will feel so much better! This activity can calm our spirits, make us cheerful and more productive.

You are responsible for your health. This year, let’s take the time to ensure that our mental health is in check by implementing self-care into our lives.