10 Healthy Groceries To Buy at Costco for Under $10

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Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, Costco has some great finds for under $10. Continue reading to learn how you can stock your kitchen with some healthy, delicious groceries for a great price.

10. Yasso Mint Chocolate Greek Yogurt Bars

Source: Yasso

A healthier alternative to the traditional ice cream bar is the Yasso Mint Chocolate Greek Yogurt Bar. There are only 100 calories in each bar. Plus, they contain no gluten nor any high-intensity sweeteners. Each bar has 5 grams of protein. A box comes with 15 bars and sells for just $9.99.

TIP: It can be easy to get carried away with these delicious treats, so remember to practice portion control; otherwise, this healthy snack can turn unhealthy real fast.

9. Heirloom Tomatoes

Source: Pixabay

Heirloom tomatoes are seasonal vegetables (or fruits, depending on who you ask), making an appearance in stores from late summer into the fall. If you’ve ever priced them in the store, you know just how expensive they can be.

“These top of the line tomatoes are tried and true, grown from seeds that have been passed from generation to generation (hence the name ‘heirloom’),” Chowhound.com wrote on its website.

“They ripen quickly and bruise easily, which means that when you see them for sale, there’s an excellent chance they’ve been grown locally. It’s no wonder heirloom tomatoes cost more than conventional hybrids.”

Still, you can find them at a steal if you know where to shop. Enter Costco. According to an article published by HUM Nutrition Inc., you can get five heirloom tomatoes from Costco for just $6!

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