10 Hidden Airplane Features You Never Knew About

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Airport Features

Even if you’re the most frequent flier in the world, we bet you don’t know about these hidden airplane features. Continue reading to see which ones, if any, you are aware of.

10. Sleep Area

Source: Pexels

Bet you didn’t know airplanes have a bedroom on board. Now, if you’re thinking to yourself that you’ll sneak in there and catch a few Zs on your next flight, you might want to think again. These secret sleep areas are NOT for passengers. They’re actually for the cabin crew, who sometimes work 16-hour shifts. But, this room isn’t just for sleeping. The crew can use it for reading, taking a break, or getting away from annoying passengers.

You’re probably wondering to yourself, “Why have I never noticed this room before?” Well, if passengers noticed it, it wouldn’t be a secret now would it? LOL! And, while you’ve never noticed the room, you’ve probably seen the entrance to it and didn’t realize what you were looking at. Depending on the airplane, it could either have been a locked door near the front of the plane, a door posing as an overhead bin, or a hidden staircase leading up to a small, low-ceiling room. The entrance may even have been hidden by thick curtains.

-The secret room may have 6 to 10 beds, a bathroom, and in-flight entertainment.
-Oftentimes these rooms are temperature-controlled, and the lighting can be adjusted in case one crew member wants to take a nap while another wants to read a book.

9. A Button to Give You More Space

Source: Pixabay

One of the things people complain the most about when having to ride in an airplane is the inability to move around as much as they’d like. But, if you’re lucky enough to snag an aisle seat, there’s a neat little feature that will give you extra room. If you reach under the armrest (near the hinge) closest to the aisle, you’ll find a button that will let you raise the armrest, so it’s in line with your seat and out of the way of the crew and fellow passengers. Raising the armrest will give you more room to move your legs around. It also makes it a lot easier to get up from your seat when the tray table is down. Plus, this will keep the armrest from digging in your side.

-This feature was initially included as a safety measure to allow travelers to escape more quickly in an emergency.
-The button is also used by the crew to help passengers with disabilities get in and out of their seats.