10 High-Paying Jobs That Don’t Require a Four-Year Degree

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Most people are under the impression that you need a bachelor’s degree to land a high-paying job. But, that simply isn’t the case — at least not all of the time. That being said, here are ten high-paying jobs that don’t require you to have a four-year degree.

10. Air Traffic Controller

Air Traffic Controller
Source: Wikimedia Commons By Petar Marjanovic

You will need a degree to become an air traffic controller, but it will be an associate’s degree, not a bachelor’s. You will also need extensive Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) training. Plus, if you end up working for the FAA, any student loans you had to take out to complete your associate’s degree will be forgiven through the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program.

Besides the training, there are some other minimum requirements you must meet in you plan on working for the FAA:
-Be a U.S. citizen
-Be age 30 or under (on the closing date of the application period)
-Pass a medical examination
-Pass a security investigation
-Speak English clearly enough to be understood over communications equipment
-Be willing to relocate to an FAA facility based on agency staffing needs

Not too bad for a job with a median annual wage of $124,540!

9. Network Engineer

Network Engineer
Source: Pixabay

Network Engineers troubleshoot various network and computer system problems, and believe it or not, they don’t need a four-year degree to do it. In fact, they may not need any training at all — at least in the formal sense. Many people who work in tech jobs are self-taught. For example, a network engineering job at Google requires expert-level programming with C++, C and/or Python — all skills that you can learn for FREE using books and online courses or tutorials. And, even though some employers want you to have a degree, they will often waive that requirement if you can show you have significant prior work experience.

So, just how much money do Network Engineers make? Well, that depends on a number of factors, including your location. For example, Network Engineers working in Washington, D.C., earn an average of 20.5 percent more than the national average. In general, though, Network Engineers can expect to start out making a little over $57,000 a year. Network Engineers with 1-4 years of experience earn an average of $64,621. A Network Engineer with 5-9 years of experience earns an average of $75,238. An experienced Network Engineer with 10-19 years of experience earns an average of $83,117. And, Network Engineers with 20+ years of experience earn an average of $89,342.

FYI, Network Engineers at Google earn an estimated salary of $96,000-$148,000!