10 Home Hacks You’ll Really Appreciate


Life hacks have one purpose: to make life easier! Here are ten life hacks you can apply at home that you’ll really appreciate.

10. Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning Solutions
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We all know that cleaning can be very tedious. Following these simple solutions, however, can make this chore a cinch:

-Use Mr. Clean Magic Erasers to clean walls, sinks, faucets, toilets, bathtubs, and shower curtain liners.
-Add car fresheners to your air conditioner and run a couple of lemon slices through the garbage disposal to freshen things up a bit.
-Use foil to polish silver.
-Mix salt and ketchup to polish tarnished copper.
-Use lemon, vinegar or ketchup to clean your brass.
-To clean your microwave, heat equal parts vinegar and water in a microwave-safe bowl on high for 5 to 10 minutes. Wait for it to cool, then open the microwave door and wipe down the inside with a sponge.

After all that cleaning, you’re more than likely to be left with a dirty sponge. But, you don’t have to toss it out. Consumer expert Clark Howard suggests microwaving your sponges for 30 seconds to remove any bacteria. Or, you can simply put them in the dishwasher, he adds.

9. Packing Solutions

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Here are some simple packing solutions from the pros to help you save space and keep your valuables safe when you’re moving:

-Instead of taking everything out of your dresser drawers, packing that stuff up, unpacking it and putting it back in the drawers, simply tape the drawers shut, or wrap the entire dresser in plastic film–whichever you desire to keep them from falling open.
-Cut handles in boxes to make them easier to carry.
-Take pictures of your electronic set-ups. Those of you who struggle to properly hook up the computer or your kids’ gaming systems will appreciate this one.
-Pack your plates and glasses vertically to lessen their chances of breaking.
-Tape an “x” on your mirrors and glass frames. Not only does this trick work during hurricanes to help stop windows from shattering, it’ll help stop your mirrors and glass frames from shattering as well when you’re moving.
-Wrap all your knives together and store them–pointy ends down–inside an oven glove.

8. Storage Solutions

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Need extra space in your rooms and cupboards? Try these tips:

-Use Command Hooks to hang pots and pans on unused walls instead of storing them in your cabinets.
-Store wine glasses upside down. This way you’ll be able to nestle them more closely together and fit more of them on the shelf.
-Use an empty Pringles container to store spaghetti noodles.
-Use towel bars as lid racks.
-Maximize closet space with shower curtains clips.
Nestle forks and spoons into each other in the silverware drawer to save space.

7. Getting Rid of Garden Pests

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Anyone who has done any gardening knows how much damage slugs can do. Believe it or not, there’s a simple solution. We guarantee you it’s something you probably never even considered doing before. According to DIY Network, all you have to do to get slugs out of your garden is give them beer. Fill a small bowl or plastic container with beer and set it out near the damaged edibles. Give the slugs a couple of days to find it. When they do, they’ll drown themselves in it.

6. Getting Out Dents/Dings/Etc.

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If your tile floors are wrinkled (a.k.a. warped), there’s a simple solution: iron them! Here’s how to do it: Cover the tiles with aluminum foil, then press an ordinary iron (make sure it’s hot) over the foil to soften the flooring. Gently pull up the warped section of flooring just enough to scrape off any dried adhesive. Then, add new glue, put the flooring back down and press with a heavy object to set it in place.

And, if you happen to have dents in your wood floors or furniture, you can use a hot iron on them, too. First, wet the indentation, then put a damp towel over it. Press the hot iron over the towel in a circular motion for a few minutes. Remove the towel, and voila–the dents are gone (or, at least hardly noticeable anyway)!

5. Lawn Care

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Did you know you can use an empty soda bottle as a temporary lawn sprinkler? Here’s how: Remove the label, then pierce holes in the bottle. Next, attach a garden hose to the neck of the bottle, turn on the spigot, and let the watering begin!

Looking for a solution to those pesky brown spots in your yard? Spritz them with beer! According to DIY Network, “the sugars in the beer feed the emaciated grass and bring it back to its former green glory.”

4. Opening Stuck Locks

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If you’re dealing with a stuck lock, there’s no need to call a locksmith. Reach for a pencil instead. No, you’re not going to use it to pick the lock. You’re going to use it to lubricate the lock keyway. Let us explain. Lead pencils contain a form of carbon called graphite. Graphite acts as a lubricant in precision applications (e.g. locks, firearms, ball bearings, etc.). So, to open your stuck lock, scrape some graphite from the tip of the pencil (you can do this using a pocketknife), fill the lock keyway with the graphite, then put your key in and turn. Your lock will be open in no time!

3. Removing Stains

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There aren’t too many stains more stubborn than oil and red wine stains. But, that’s no reason to give up hope. Here are some simple solutions you probably never even thought of.

To remove oil stains on the driveway, scatter super-absorbent cat litter over them. Let the litter sit for up to 15 minutes, then crush it with your shoes. Next, scrub the stained area with detergent and rinse. Poof, no more oil stains!

To get rid of red wine stains in carpet or fabric, pour another alcoholic beverage on them: white wine! If you’ve spilled red wine, spill some white wine over the stain. After about one minute, scrub the spot with a cold, wet rag. Sprinkle some salt on the area and let it dry. After a few hours, vacuum the area. The red wine stain should be gone.

2. Decorating

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Did you know that colors and shapes convey different moods? For example, yellow evokes happiness while red evokes anger. Sharp objects make people feel anxious while soft or rounded edges evoke feelings of comfort. That being said, painting or accenting your walls with cheery colors like yellow and orange can elicit positive feelings throughout your home. The same goes for furniture pieces with soft or rounded edges. They can provide a sense of relaxation.

Lighting can also affect your mood. In fact, bad lighting can cause headaches and make you tired and irritable. The solution? Invest in light bulbs that mimic sunlight.

1. Automating Daily Tasks

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After you’ve come home from a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is housework. There are simple solutions available to make your life easier. For example, Siri–the virtual assistant found on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Mac, and HomePod–lets you turn on and off the lights, adjust the thermostat and complete similar tasks with simple voice commands. Robot vacuums like the Roomba clean pet hair, crumbs, dirt and daily dust from your floors while you sit back with your feet propped up. And, meal delivery services like Fresh ‘n Lean take care of the cooking for you with chef-prepared, vegan and plant-based, gluten free, low sodium, organic meals made fresh to order and delivered to your door for a modest fee, plus free shipping.


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