10 Interesting Facts About Dollar Stores

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8. They Don’t Franchise

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Dollar Tree doesn’t offer franchising opportunities. Neither does Family Dollar or Dollar General. All Dollar Tree and Family Dollar (which is owned by Dollar Tree) stores operate from their corporate headquarters in Chesapeake, VA. As for Dollar General, the closest you can get to franchising is selling Dollar General products online as an affiliate.

Now, if you had your heart set on opening a franchise, we have a bit of good news for you. There are alternative companies out there that offer franchise opportunities. These include the 99-cent store, Just-A-Buck, Liberty Dollar Stores, and Dollar Discount Store of America.

7. They Tend to Cluster in Working Class Areas

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Dollar stores are often located in rural or low-income areas, choosing to operate in locations where big-box retailers like Walmart and Target don’t have stores.

According to an article published by Cheapism, the highest concentrations of dollar stores are in Ohio and Indiana to the north. Many are also in Kentucky and Tennessee through the South and into the Gulf states.

But why is it that they primarily operate in blue-collar, working-class states? Because operating in these areas is less expensive and, in turn, helps keep prices down. Not only that, but these stores typically don’t buy the land their stores are on, so if they end up in a location that doesn’t work out for them, they can easily pick up and move.