10 Interesting Facts About Dollar Stores

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2. They Began as Five and Dime Stores

dollar tree

At least Dollar Tree did anyway. According to the company’s website, Dollar Tree started in Norfolk, VA, as a Ben Franklin variety store in 1953, later renamed K&K 5&10, then Only $1.00, and eventually Dollar Tree.

Going from referencing the dime to referencing the dollar reflects changing financial times as well as inflation, Money Inc. said in an article published on its website.

FUN FACT: K. R. Perry, who opened the Ben Franklin variety store in Norfolk in 1953, also started a toy store — K&K Toys — in Norfolk in 1970. In 1991, K&K Toys was sold to KB Toys, and all assets were applied to the expansion of dollar stores.

1. There’s a Reason Why They’re Usually Messy

messy dollar store

If you shop at dollar stores enough, you’ve probably noticed that they can be quite messy from time to time. And, there’s a reason for that. No, it’s not because they want to be messy and unclean.

According to an article published by Cheapism, “these stores run on minimal staff and they’re built to move a lot of product quickly. If that product has to sit on floors or in boxes for a bit while a cashier handles the register, so be it.”

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