10 Lies Hollywood Told Us About High School

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High School Hallway

Have you ever watched a teen movie and thought to yourself, ‘Why don’t things like that ever happen to me?’ Well, it’s probably because the truth was exaggerated a bit. High school is rarely comparable to what you see in the movies. Certain aspects are so overblown that it should be obvious that these things could never happen in real life. However, sometimes fiction blurs with reality. Here are ten lies Hollywood has told us about high school.

10. Friends End Up Dating Each Other

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In the movies, people always fall in love with their best male or female friend. Or, your BFF ends up dating your significant other’s BFF and all four of you end up going to the prom together. Yes, we know that happens sometimes, but not as often as Hollywood would have you believe.

Speaking of prom, why is this the single most important event in a teenager’s life on the big screen? Like, your whole four years have been spent waiting for that moment. And, it’s always over the top–limos, tuxes, ball gowns, glitzy decorations, the best music, etc. In reality, most people say they found prom to be boring. Perhaps they just didn’t attend the right high school, LOL!

9. Your First Time Will be the Most Romantic, Most Amazing Thing Ever

First Time
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…And, it’ll end in the big O. In reality, you’re likely to be very nervous, perhaps a bit clumsy, and the whole thing might be pretty awkward for the both of you. After all, it is your first time. It’s not like you have experience in this area. Anyway, here are some more lies Hollywood has told us about this big step in a young person’s life.

Nerds are obsessed with losing their virginity.
-It’s not cool to be a virgin.
-Teens start getting prepared for this moment their first year in high school.
-The guy never feels uncomfortable his first time. He’s always confident and ready.
-It’ll most likely happen on prom night.

8. You’ll Never Change Friends

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We need a little reality check here: The people you start out being friends with might not be friends with you by the time you graduate. Some will still be, of course, but you gain and lose a friend or two along the way. That’s just the way life goes. People change over time, and when they move on to a new level or stage in life, they don’t always take their old friends with them. Here’s another reality check: You probably won’t be friends with most of them later in life either.

7. Your Parents Will Never Be Around

Home Alone
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Have you ever noticed how parents in high school movies are hardly ever around? They’re usually out of town on some business trip or off to visit the grandparents in another state. And, they hardly ever call to check up on the kids. If the parents are around, they’re usually the “cool” parents. A kid can only dream about this sort of lifestyle. In reality, your parents are always around, nagging you about doing chores or your homework. And, if they go out of town, you can best believe the phone will be ringing off the hook.

6. There are Lots of Wild Parties

Wild Party
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Speaking of parents never being around, do you ever notice the amount of wild, out-of-control house parties there are in high school movies? With so many parents out of the picture, it’s no wonder! Oh, and notice how they’re always so packed. Like, everybody in the whole school (minus the losers) shows up and has the time of their lives. And, at the end of the night everyone walks away with some great story they can tell for generations to come.

5. You’ll Hardly Ever Go to Class

Empty Classroom
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This one is every kid’s dream. Too bad it isn’t true. Well, unless you’re in college. But, anyway, you’d think that a movie about high school kids would spend more time focusing on classroom stuff. And, when they do show kids in class, they’re always goofing off or constantly talking and texting. And, if there’s an emergency, they run right out of the classroom. All the while, it seems the teacher can’t be bothered by any of the stuff that’s going on, which is probably how they can get away with all of it.

4. All Teens Wear Designer Clothes and Drive Flashy Cars

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In the movies, kids come to school decked out in designer labels and driving expensive cars. It’s like a never-ending fashion show! Let’s take Clueless, for example. The girls in this movie come to school everyday wearing heels and a ton of makeup, carrying designer purses, and wearing ultra short skirts. C’mon, ladies, if you had come to school dressed like that we guarantee you your parents would have gotten a call, perhaps asking them to bring you some school-appropriate attire.

And, as for all those fancy cars? Yeah, right! We wish we had flashy cars. Instead of getting a new car, some of us got a hand-me-down, that is, an old car your parents had that they no longer drive. They fixed it up and gave it to you and expected you to be happy about it. In the words of Will Smith, “Parents just don’t understand!”

3. Rain is Romantic

Couple In The Rain
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Okay, so what’s with all the kissing and dancing in the rain? I mean, seriously. Who does that? And, why is it supposed to be so romantic? The last I checked, most people try to come in from out of the rain, especially if you’re a female who just came from the salon. Reality check: We’re not messing up our hair for anyone. We’re not going to risk catching a cold either. This is definitely one of those things that’s better on camera than in real life.

2. These Will Be the Best Years of Your Life

Best Years
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You know the saying “pain is relative?” Well, so is fun. And, while there certainly are some people who will agree that their high school years were the best times of their lives, there are so many people who will say otherwise. For most of us, high school was a very awkward time–physically, socially, and emotionally. And, yes, there are certainly many things that we can look back on in fondness, like not having to pay bills or worry about any of that other adult stuff, but let’s be honest–most of us probably don’t want to go back.

1. A Makeover is the Answer to All Your Problems

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Ever notice in the movies how a person (usually a girl) is a total loser until the most popular kids in school give them a makeover? Then, suddenly they become the most desirable person in school and everything else just seems to magically fall into place. If only it worked that way in real life. All we’d need is a new haircut, some nice clothes, cute makeup and contact lenses (instead of glasses) and all of life’s problems would disappear. Oh, well. So much for wishful thinking.


Were any of your high school experiences like the movies? Tell us about it in the comments below. Thanks for reading!