10 Memorable Celebrity Proposals


Some of these stories may make you laugh, cry, or even feel inspired. Some of them are so over the top that none of us could imagine (or afford) the extravagance. Here are ten memorable celebrity proposals. Enjoy!

10. The Big Speech Proposal

Big Speech
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When it came time to pop the question to Sofia Vergara, Joe Manganiello had a big speech prepared in her native language–Vergara is Colombian, by the way. The actor admitted on Live! with Kelly and Michael that he was quite nervous about it. “The last thing you want to do is like mess up the Spanish on the proposal to the Colombian woman,” he said. In his big speech he included the phrase “Eres mi todo,” which, in English, means “you are my everything.”

9. The Comedic Proposal

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When Alexis Ohanian proposed to Serena Williams, he did so with a rat on a nearby table–which, by the way, Ohanian put there. No, not a live rat, but a plastic one. In order for you to understand why, we’ll have to start at the beginning: Williams and Ohanian first met at a hotel pool area in Rome. Williams was annoyed by the fact that despite there being dozens of tables available, Ohanian decided to sit down next to her and her friends. So, Williams told Ohanian there was a rat where he was sitting, which of course was a lie. “I’m from Brooklyn. I see rats all the time,” he told her. She laughed, and the two started dating.

8. The Romantic Plane Ride Proposal

Plane Ride
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Seal took Heidi Klum by helicopter to the Canadian Rockies where he’d had an igloo built. Inside was a bed, candles, and rose petals. The helicopter left, and the two were alone for the proposal.

Rapper Ludacris flew his girlfriend to Costa Rica to propose. The two were going there for a Christmas vacation, and as the plane approached its final destination, the rapper’s girlfriend looked out the window and spotted her name and the words “Will you marry me?” written in the grass.

Nick Cannon took Mariah Carey to the rooftop of her Manhattan apartment and presented her with a diamond hidden inside a candy ring pop. A few days later he proposed again–this time on a helicopter ride.

7. The Fairytale Proposal

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John Stamos’ girlfriend, Caitlin McHugh, is a huge Disney fan. So, with the help of friend and Disney animator Paul Briggs, Stamos cut together a movie of the most romantic Disney and Pixar movie moments. The film, which was revealed to McHugh at Disneyland, ended with a Little Mermaid display urging him to “just ask the girl.” McHugh kissed him and then said yes.

During a trip to Walt Disney World, Corbin Bleu popped the question to his girlfriend in front of Cinderella’s Castle, complete with a glass slipper that held an engagement ring.

And, NHL player Jarret Stoll proposed to Dancing With the Stars co-host and sports reporter Erin Andrews when they went to Disneyland for Christmas to see the decorations. “I was bawling like a child,” Andrews told Good Morning America.

6. The Intimate Dinner Proposal

Intimate Dinner
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Nick and Vanessa Lachey splurged on an intimate dinner at Montage beach-side hotel in Laguna Beach back in November 2010. There was plenty of vino and delicious eats. “We did a tasting menu… we had a wine pairing as well,” Vanessa told PEOPLE. And, after they had the wine, they followed it up with some champagne. “It was such a beautiful dinner… Afterwards he proposed. I always think of that night every time I see a tasting menu,” she added.

5. The Flawed Proposal

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This is when every detail is planned out, and when you rehearse that moment over and over again in your mind, it all plays out perfectly. But, in reality, everything that can go wrong does. Here are some examples:

-Seth Rogen told PEOPLE that he had “all these elaborate plans… like the day I got the ring, literally the second I got it, I walked right upstairs to where she was to propose to her. But she was in our closet changing and she was literally only in her underwear” with no bra on at all. “That’s not part of the plan. I didn’t picture it like this and I know she didn’t picture it like this,” he added.

Ben Stiller flew all the way from New York to Los Angeles and put a trail of candles and rose petals throughout his girlfriend’s house leading to the back deck, where he was waiting for her when she arrived. Everything was perfect–except for the fact that he’d forgotten the ring!

-Kyle Newman and Jaime King had picked out a ring together and were expecting it to arrive via FedEx prior to going on vacation together. They missed the truck, but that didn’t stop King from chasing down two FedEx trucks and asking them if they had her ring. When they finally got the package (we’re not sure if it was on one of those trucks) they went for a long walk in a Beverly Hills park, where Newman got down on one knee and proposed.

Miles Teller decided to propose to Keleigh Sperry while on an African safari. He had their tour guide tie a rose to a tree, but instead of seeing it as a romantic gesture, Sperry took it to mean that someone had died. Fortunately, she soon figured out what was happening.

4. The Public Proposal

Source: Pixabay

When you love someone you want the whole world to know it. And, what better way than to pop the question in front of an audience? Here are some celebs who did just that:

-John Cena proposed to Nikki Bella live on TV! He grabbed the microphone, got down on one knee in the middle of the wrestling ring, and said, “I’ve been waiting so long to ask you this. Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace, will you marry me?” Of course she said yes.

Dancing With the Stars stars Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgartoyd also got engaged on live television. Chmerkovskiy got down on one knee on the dance floor during a performance of the pair’s show Sway in Miami. “I’m in love with you, and I will be in love with you for the rest of my life,” he told Murgatroyd. In a statement to PEOPLE, Murgatroyd said the proposal is “something I will cherish for the rest of my life.”

-Writer and director Sam Esmail and his girlfriend Emmy Rossum had a habit of reading The New York Times‘ “Modern Love” section every Sunday. So, Esmail decided to send in an article about their love story. As Rossum began reading the article, she realized it was about her and her beau. It was then that Esmail got down on one knee and popped the question.

3. A Family Affair

Source: Pexels

Speaking of sharing your special moment with others, here are some celebs who decided to get the family in on the big moment:

Kanye West rented out AT&T Park in San Francisco in honor of Kim Kardashian’s 33rd birthday. There was a full orchestra, a pyrotechnic display, and a jumbotron with a message that read, “PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!!” Little did Kim know, her family members were hiding in the dugout. They came out to celebrate after Kanye got down on his knee.

Saturday Night Live star Aidy Bryant told Seth Meyers that she returned home from work one night to find her dog wearing a bowtie. “I was like, ‘My dog doesn’t wear a bowtie! Where is he going tonight?’,” she said. The second she shut the door her boyfriend, Conner O’Malley, frantically came around the corner yelling, “Will you marry me?!” “And then I said, ‘Of course I’ll marry you. I love you.’ And it was really nice,” she told Meyers.

-After having brunch together, Dwayne Wade‘s sons and nephew told Gabrielle Union that they wanted to put on a presentation for her. When she turned around, they boys were holding up signs that read, “Will you marry us?” Then, she turned and saw Wade also on one knee. “Yes! Of course, yes!” she said.

Matthew McConaughey popped the question in front of the family on Christmas day. Unfortunately, his bride-to-be’s answer wasn’t ‘yes.’ At least, not this time anyway. McConaughey was persistent, though, and it eventually paid off.

2. The No Frills/Unplanned Proposal

No Frills
Source: Wikimedia Commons By Anthony Easton from Montreal, canada [CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)]

Will Smith decided to pop the question to Jada Pinkett Smith in a simple, no frills sort of way. “We were just lying there, going to sleep,” Smith told PEOPLE some years ago. “I looked over at her, and I said, ‘Hey, we might be real good married. Wassup? You wanna marry me?’ Unplanned. No ring. Not the classic proposal. She said yes.” “It’s really weird when you live the kind of lifestyle that we live: Simplicity becomes the jewel,” he added.

1. The Fast Proposal

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Some people don’t believe in long engagements. Like Kimberly Stewart–daughter of rockstar Rod Stewart–and Talan Torriero, for example. These two got engaged just weeks after meeting each other. And, there engagement lasted just about as long–well, maybe not even that long. They were engaged for eleven days before going their separate ways. “It is better to have a brief engagement than a short marriage,” Kimberly’s rep said in a statement to Glamour magazine.

But, if you think that was bad, listen to this! Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson got engaged and married just 96 hours after meeting each other at a party in 1994. The wedding took place on a beach in Cancun. Anderson was wearing a white bikini.


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