10 Money-Saving Hacks for a Financially Secure Future

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Financial Security

Saving money means securing a stable financial future—whether for ourselves or our kids. The trouble with that is that it calls for tight discipline and discipline is not something you just effortlessly fall into! It’s something that many of us have to learn.

It’s an inherent habit to want things. Well, you can’t get things without money! So, now we must decide if we will spend frivolously on our wants or frugally spend on what we need, to live comfortably in life.

Here are some steps to take this year to help you save money and grow your bank account.

10. Quit Smoking 

Quit Smoking

To quit smoking is not be easy, but this bad habit cost smokers thousands of dollars each year! Yes, it’s your money, and it’s your life. However, try to think of how much you could be saving once you quit. Not only will you be saving money, but possibly your life as well!

It is common knowledge that smoking is hazardous to your health. It’s also an expensive habit to maintain. Family members and close friends can help you find a solution as you work on quitting.

9. Cancel Pointless Subscriptions 

Cancel Subscription

Those monthly payments that are no long longer of relevance can go. If you do not actively use the subscription, it will just be eating up your hard-earned money for no reason at all!

If you check right now, you’ll probably find a subscription that you don’t even remember signing up for. So, go through your statements and cancel those unused subscriptions. You’ll be saving a bundle!

8. Buy in Bulk

Grocery List Shopping

If you should do an inventory of your single purchases against your bulk purchases, you’ll find a huge disparity in the amount of money you spent.

Retailers give discounts when you buy three or more of the same items—from some food items to toiletries, detergents, etc. You may not be able to buy everything in bulk, but you can gradually do so. Make a list of bulk items you believe would save you money.

7. Always Have a Shopping List

Bulk Buying

Haphazard shopping wastes the money! Yes, you will always know what you need. However, from your many experiences, you will know that you will see a million things and suddenly convince yourself you need them as well.

So, have a list ready and stick to it. Lists will shut out the temptation to fill your cart with items that you can well do without. Your list will help you to buy what you need for the time being or until your next paycheck. Secure your finances then you can splurge!

6. Change Money-Sucking Light Bulbs

Money Light Bulb

If you change out your traditional incandescent bulbs and replace them with LED or CFLs, you will see a marked reduction in your electricity bill! Yes, this new technology lighting will cost a little more initially, but in the long run, you’ll save so much more.

The CFLs take a little longer to warm up but are as efficient as the LED that warms up instantly. The Led is more expensive to purchase but is the best energy-saving solution available. They use just a quarter the amount of energy used by traditional bulbs and serve for years.

5. Home Cooking!

Home Cooking

It’s so easy to sneak into a restaurant to have a meal every day. However, that money adds up—even if your meals are those $9.99 specials! It’s always essential to treat yourself now and then by eating out, but make it a special occasion.

You must still enjoy your life the best way you can while building your financial empire. So, it’s time to plan those delicious home-cooked meals! Use a fraction of that eating out cash and purchase groceries for the week.

4. Slash Your Energy Bill by Using Solar 

Solar Energy Save Money

Did you know the government hands out $1000 funding to install solar panels to eligible Americans? If you’re middle class and live in a specific zip code, you may be qualified, but your power company will not tell you that!

They don’t want you to save money and brilliantly reduce your energy bill. Interested homeowners check if they qualify and are surprised to find out they will receive rebates and subsidies to cover the installation costs and will surely save $1000 per year.

3. Your Air Conditioner Needs Space

Air Conditioner

Your air condition unit cannot be too crowded. You need breathing space, and so does your AC unit. So, the location of your AC must be taken into consideration when installing. Those that are already installed in places covered by shrubs are preventing proper air-flow.

Your air conditioner will not work efficiently and will have to work extra hard to produce cool air. This will take a hold on your monthly bill and your pocket for sure. So, cut away that overflowing shrub!

2. Expensive Coffee

Coffee Expenses

We all wish we could enjoy that delicious Starbucks latte every day, but that will add up fast. If you have a coffee each working day at $5, at the end of the month, you spend $100 on coffee!

Well, since coffee is a favorite beverage, invest in a coffee maker and brew your own cup at home. With a coffee maker such as Keurig, you will be spending $0.60 per cup and at your convenience.

1. Auto-Insurance Policy for Less

Auto Insurance

If consumers know what advantage they have and are entitled to as consumers, we could all save so much money and be better off. But many companies don’t mind if you don’t know your benefits.

If your current insurance plan is more than $63 per month, use this insurance comparison tool to see if you could be paying less. After filling out this form, you can save an average of $530 per year.

Save money is much easier than it seems. Start by following the tips mentioned above, and you’ll be on your way to financial security!