10 of the Best Outdoor Subscription Boxes

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Do you love the great outdoors? Here are some of the best subscription boxes filled with useful gear for your next adventure.

10. Hiker Crate

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The Hiker Crate box, as you probably already guessed, is specifically for hikers and backpackers. Each box contains items such as water bottles, water filters, snacks, dehydrated meals, hammocks, headlamps, emergency whistles, camping tools, clothing, and cleaning products.

And, each box is curated by a hiker who wants to make it easy for subscribers to learn about new hiking products and brands. That means you can expect different items in your box each month.

And, if you want to take the kids with you on your next hiking/backpacking excursion, there’s a box for them as well. It’s called Little Hiker, and it includes water bottles, healthy snacks, stickers, journals, magnifying glasses, activity sheets, and other goodies.

9. Surf Shop Box

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If surfing is your thing, then the Surf Shop Box is for you. It contains button-down shirts, boardshorts, hats, sandals and more, from brands like Billabong, Quicksilver, Volcom, and others. Don’t worry. They won’t stick you with clothing you don’t like. As a subscriber, you have the option of choosing clothing that matches your unique style. Plus, each box contains extras and accessories as well, so it’s not just clothing that you receive. Unlike other subscription boxes, the Surf Shop Box arrives quarterly.

Sorry, ladies. The Surf Shop Box is currently for men only.

8. Isle Box

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If you’re an outdoors newbie, then the Isle Box is for you. The Isle Box offers two options: 1)The Starter Box that contains all the essentials (e.g. backpacking stove, sleeping pad, headlamp, etc.) for your first camping trip, and 2) the National Parks Box that contains items such as a road atlas and a day pack.

Other items included in the boxes are things like camping pillows, water bottles, wet wipes, healthy snacks, solar showers, tools, clothing, and accessories. You can choose between a monthly or seasonal subscription, or you can purchase one-time boxes to try it before you buy it, so to speak.

7. Warriors Tackle Supply

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According to ThriftyCrates.com, the Warriors Tackle Supply has earned the reputation of “best outdoor subscription box for serious anglers.” It includes hand-curated tackle, bait, and other fishing accessories, all of which you can tailor to your specific likes/needs. For example, you can select bait and tackle specific to certain species (e.g. Trout, Catfish, Bass, Redfish, etc.). Subscribers can choose from two box sizes–Standard and XL–which vary by quantity and value.

And, if you’re worried about the value of the contents, don’t. The company has their own line of products that they include and test out themselves before sending them to you.

6. Nomadik

Car Phone Charger
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Perfect for road trippers, the Nomadik subscription box includes first-aid supplies, utility knives, multi-use tools, snacks, bamboo utensils, solar lanterns, hydration bladders, a paracord, and tips and tricks to help you make the most of your next road trip. Plus, there’s a monthly challenge that you can complete to win up to $100 in free equipment.

FYI, there’s a signup survey that helps the curators narrow down your subscription selection so you receive items tailored to your specific likes and needs.

5. SCOUTbox

Boy Scout
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Eagle Scout, Boy Scout, Cub Scout — whatever your title, the SCOUTbox was made just for you. It contains items such as outdoor gear, trail snacks, freeze-dried food, a compass, a paracord, a first-aid kit, and tips on learning specific skills, for example, how to tie a knot. Plus, every box is related to a badge that scouts are working toward.

Notice we didn’t mention Girl Scouts. That’s because, for now at least, the SCOUTbox focuses on Eagle and other scouts. They do, however, plan to release a box for girls at some point in the future.

4. Runner Crate

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Known as the “marathon in a box,” the Runner Crate subscription box is filled with running gear such as gels, recover tools, safety equipment, belts, and journals; healthy snacks like veggie chips, granola, dried fruit, and seed and nut mixes; and running challenges to “push your body to the next level.”

There’s also the Mini-Mystery Runner Crate that’s “packed with 4-5 surprising health snacks or gear that will help you reach your running potential every month,” according to the subscription box’s website.

FYI, Runner Crate isn’t just for runners. It’s perfect for those who enjoy cardio as well.

3. Adventure Standard

Adventure Standard
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Okay, ladies. Now it’s your turn. We’ve found a box specifically designed with you in mind. The Adventure Standard subscription box was started by a woman who felt outdoor stores didn’t offer enough products geared to women. It comes with tea, coffee mugs, lip balm, sunglasses, picture T-shirts, and other items. And, all of the products are made in America by female-run businesses.

The subscription box is offered on a sliding scale. That means that you can get a box with the works, so to speak, or choose a more modest one.

2. My Garden Box

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Sometimes being an outdoor person isn’t about seeking thrills and adventure. Sometimes it’s about the simple things in life. That’s where My Garden Box comes in. This monthly subscription box is for gardeners and beginners and is filled with fun DIY projects, living decor, visually illustrated instructions, simple garden care tips, properly portioned ingredients — basically “everything you need to build relaxing, rewarding, and enriching garden projects,” its website says. And, best of all, your subscription is not dependent on the weather. According to the company’s website, they provide a seasonal garden box experience no matter if it’s Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall!


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APOCABOX is a bi-monthly survivalist subscription box that’s filled with survival supplies and guides that help you hone your skills in areas such as wood crafting and knife creation. Plus, you’ll have access to a subscriber-only survival training video. There’s also a unique survival skills challenge in every box.

“APOCABOX isn’t just about cool gear, it’s about knowledge, too. APOCABOX founder and curator, Creek Stewart, has been actively teaching survival skills for over 2 decades and this passion for teaching is infused into each and every box,” the company’s website says.

FYI, if you’ve already got enough survival gear, you can subscribe to their “Skills Project Only Plan,” which includes just the APOCABOX Survival Skills Project.


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