10 of the Best Small Cities To Retire

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2. Auburn, AL

Auburn University
  • Cost of living: 102
  • Median home price: $300,000
  • Population: 66,259
  • Access to healthcare: 2 hospitals within 25 miles
  • Crime rate: Violent crime is 13.3; property crime is 38.7

Auburn is tax-friendly! Social Security benefits and income from traditional pensions are exempt from state taxes. The state income tax is low, ranging from 2% to 5%. And it has the second-lowest median property tax rate in the country.

Let’s talk diversity. Auburn’s population comprises 71.2% white,18.4% Black, 8.7% Asian and 3.3% Hispanic. So you want to retire in an area that is a melting pot of culture, Auburn is not your best option.

Activities are abundant in this small town. Being a football fan seems to be a mandatory character trait if you live in Auburn. You also can easily access Chewacla State Park and the historic downtown area. It is definitely a pet-friendly area, considering how walkable it is!

1. Naperville, IL

naperville, il
  • Cost of living: 129.6
  • Median home price: $492,000
  • Population: 149,167; 14.9% of which are seniors 65 and older
  • Access to healthcare: 3 hospitals in the area
  • Crime rate: Violent crime is 10.2; property crime is 19.9

Retirees in Illinois are not given a tax on any retirement income. Illinois exempts nearly all retirement income from taxes Illinois, including Social Security retirement benefits, pension income and income from retirement savings accounts. Unfortunately, Illinois levies an estate tax and inheritance tax

If diversity is important to you, Naperville is not your best option. The town consists of 72.06% white, 19.13% Asian and 5.02% Black. The Mexican community is meniscal.

Activities include Pinot’s Palette, which is a step-by-step painting class that includes wine. Plus, Naperville is only 28 miles outside Chicago which, of course, has plenty to offer!