10 People Who Got the Surprise of a Lifetime

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Surprise Homecoming

Who doesn’t love a good surprise? Remember the episode of Oprah when everyone in the audience got a new car? They absolutely loved it! Here are some other surprises people have loved.

10. Injured Soldiers Gets a Surprise Homecoming

Injured Soldier
Source: Wikimedia Commons

When infantryman Mickey Humes returned home to Tyler, TX, last August, he was in for a big surprise. But, before we get to what the surprise was, we need to give you some background information first.

Humes had purchased his dream car—a 1969 Dodge Charger—in 2007. It was a bit of a fixer-upper, and he and his grandfather had plans to restore it together. Unfortunately, his grandfather passed away before the project could be completed. In the meantime, Humes had been deployed to Africa with the Texas National Guard.

When Humes returned home, his family and friends gathered to unveil a gift they’d been working on for months—his 1969 Dodge Charger, fully restored! “[He] had to throw us a loop by getting hurt and coming in early and we had to work our hineys off to get this thing done,” Jimmy Seastrunk, owner of Old Geezer’s Custom Rods and Hogs, told KLTV.

“It’s been a long journey with it. It’s been worth it. I couldn’t imagine being without it, it’s like part of the family,” Humes told KLTV. He added that he would have to go to Waco to recover from his injuries but was very excited to be able to drive his dream car back home.

9. Students Get Surprise on Prom Night

Source: Pixabay

Imagine getting wait-listed for your own prom, then ending up stranded with nowhere to go. That’s exactly what happened to some students from Park Vista Community High School in Florida. Thankfully, the Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa stepped in and decorated its ballroom for the wait-listed group. According to WMUR-TV, an ABC-affiliated station in Manchester, NH, the kids were so shocked when they saw how the ballroom looked. “They spent the evening toasting with apple cider and dancing in the ballroom,” WMUR said in an article published on its website.

8. Reddit User Gets Huge Secret Santa Gift

Gift Giving
Source: Pexels

Redditor VietteLLC, whose real name is Megan Cummins, was so shocked when the FedEx guy showed up at her front door with a box big enough to fit five people inside. “I’ve done the Reddit gift exchange for years now,” she wrote on Reddit. ” When the delivery guy showed up “I was so far beyond confused. Then I saw my Reddit username and apparently said ‘wwhaaatttt’ in such a weird way, the delivery guy started laughing,” she added.

What was even more shocking was who her Secret Santa was. “I always check out the Bill Gates [gift exchange] post and laugh at how crazy it must have been for that person, never for a second even considering it a possibility for me,” she wrote. But, boy was she wrong. It indeed was a gift from the one and only Bill Gates.

“I picked up a letter with a picture, and thought it was SUPER weird that someone was so obsessed with Bill Gates as to send me a photo of him. Then I just caught fragments of the letter all at once “a donation has been made” “Bill Gates”, and my cat’s names. It clicked and I started to burst out loud laughing and crying simultaneously,” Cummins wrote.

Here’s just some of what was inside the box:
-A $250 donation to the FFRC
-A $250 donation to the Stray Cat Alliance
-A $250 donation to Town Cats
-A book on cat shelters with a note inside from Bill Gates
-A business book
-A Dr. Who book
-A Dr. Who cardboard Tardis for the cats
-A $150 Gift card to True Grit
-A miniature Austrian snow-globe with a small white kitten inside.
-A commissioned, one-of-a-kind cross-stitch of Bill Gates, Cummins and her four cats that says “Live Life in the Meow”
-A Japanese Daruma with a very sweet message attached to it
-A Dave Matthews Band shirt
-A scroll of the map of Skyrim

7. Soldier’s Son Gets an Early Surprise

Soldier And Son
Source: Wikimedia Commons

According to an article published by WTVD in Tennessee, SSG Rob Cesternino returned home a week early after being deployed with the National Guard. Of course his son, Luca, was not expecting him home so soon, so Cesternino planned a little surprise at his son’s martial arts class. While Luca was sparring–blindfolded at the time–with his instructor, his dad stepped in to spar with him. Once he heard his dad’s voice, he ripped off his blindfold and gave him a huge hug. “He had to shoulder everything while I was gone. He had to do it all with the help of an amazing, amazing community,” Cesternino said, according to WTVD.

6. Husband Surprises Wife at Concert

Source: Pixabay

Earlier this year Kate Saba Brewer got the surprise of a lifetime when Kelly Clarkson invited her on stage during one of her shows in Boston. According to WHDH, Brewer’s husband set up the whole thing. “It was an out-of-body experience. I’ve never felt any emotion like that before. I just lost it. I felt everything in my body just go. I could barely walk to the stage,” Brewer told WHDH News.

Once she finally made it to the stage, Brewer was in for yet another surprise. Clarkson told her, “I heard that your honeymoon got canceled, so I wanted to gift ya’ll $1,000 just to get back to the Bahamas.”

The Brewers had originally planned to honeymoon in the Bahamas but couldn’t because Kate’s passport had expired.

“She just is a great person. Such an inspiration to everybody,” Brewer told WHDH News about Clarkson.

5. Michigan Boy Gets a Surprise Trip to His Favorite Theme Park

Theme Park
Source: Pixabay

For years Amir Agemy had been trying to get to Disney World. Unfortunately, because of his medical bills, his family could only dream of such a trip–that is until his mother found out about a nonprofit organization that uses the proceeds from its cookie sales to send kids on dream vacations to Florida. Amir’s mother decided to apply, telling the nonprofit, called Baking Memories 4 Kids, about her son’s illness (Type 1 diabetes) and his desire to be able to go to Disney World some day.

The Agemy family was chosen for the dream vacation to Florida, and the nonprofit’s founder flew out to Indiana himself to deliver the good news to Amir in person. “I want you to go and just have the best week of your life,” founder Frank Squeo told Amir, according to The Times of Northwest Indiana.

The all-expenses-paid trip included a weeklong stay in Florida with passes to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Legoland, and SeaWorld.

4. Maryland Man Finds Out He’s African Royalty

Source: Pixabay

With his father encouraging him to find his roots, Jay Speights of Rockville, MD, began using Ancestry.com to learn more about his past. But, it wasn’t until he looked at an online database called GED Match Genesis that he found a match. And, not just any match. It was a member of the royal family in Benin, a small country in Africa, just west of Nigeria.

Now, that he’d gotten past that task, he faced an even harder one–how to actually get in contact with someone in an African royal family. As luck–or should we say fate–would have it, a religious leader from Benin happened to be visiting and Speights showed his DNA results to one of the leader’s aides, who gave Speights the king’s contact information. So, Speights decided to give him a call the next morning. Unfortunately, the king hung up on him. But, he decided to call back later. This time he spoke with the queen, who gave him an email address and asked him to write.

“When the queen wrote back at 4 a.m., I heard the phone buzz. And she said ‘we are smiling as we read this. You are related to the ninth king of Allada.’ And she says ‘dear prince, we invite you to come home, and we are awaiting for you to come home. And we’re waiting for you to come. And we’ll have a big party for you’,” Speights told NewsWest9.

And, so he did just that, making the more than 5,000 mile trip across the ocean. When he arrived at the airport, hundreds of people met him there, clapping, chanting and cheering. Once he reached the palace, he was enthroned to officially become a prince. He was also given a name–Videkon Deka, which means “the child who came back.” The next day he was given traditional attire from his kingdom. “I went to Howard University in the ’70’s, so I was always Afrocentric. [I] always had some African attire, but to put on the attire of my kingdom. Things that are from right there, made by my family. That was a priceless feeling,” he told NewsWest9.

3. Football Fan Gets a Big Surprise from the Los Angeles Rams

La Rams
Source: Wikimedia Commons By PeakDill [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)]

When Los Angeles Rams employee Alfonso Garcia was summoned to the general manager’s office, he thought that could only mean one thing. But, instead of getting canned, he got the surprise of a lifetime–an all-expenses-paid trip for two to Super Bowl LIII! “You mean so much to us,” Rams star wide receiver Brandin Cooks told Garcia, according to NBC Los Angeles. “Everything you do does not go unnoticed.”

Garcia gave the second ticket to his son, Josh. “I told him we’re not going to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the game. We’re going to Atlanta to be in the stadium to see the Rams beat the Patriots,” Garcia said, according to NBC Los Angeles. “It makes me feel really happy,” Josh told NBC Los Angeles. “I’ve never been to a Super Bowl before.”

2. Young Football Fan Gets Surprise Visit from His Favorite Player

Football Fan
Source: Wikimedia Commons By Chris Metcalf [CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)]

Eleven-year-old Ethan Malozzi is a big fan of Penn State football. He’s a cancer survivor as well. Earlier this year, a group called Special Spectators along with the Reese’s Senior Bowl and Malozzi’s favorite Penn State player teamed up to give Ethan a huge surprise. Trace McSorley, Penn State’s all-time winningest quarterback, decided to pay him a visit. “I think he is an awesome guy. I love him. He’s so good and I can’t wait to see who he gets drafted to,” Ethan told Mobile, AL, Fox-affiliate WALA.

1. Teen Gets Make-A-Wish Dream Granted

Make A Wish
Source: Wikimedia Commons

A 17-year-old teen named Izzy from Michigan has dreams of one day becoming a doctor. One of Izzy’s favorite shows, “Grey’s Anatomy,” emboldened her love for medicine. “I started watching the show four years ago when I got really sick and I didn’t go to school because I was so sick,” Izzy told “Good Morning America.” “It was a really cool way for me to be able to escape the frustrations of the life I was living.”

Ever since then, Izzy has wanted to meet Dr. Grey, played by Ellen Pompeo. And, thanks to Disney, Make-A-Wish Foundation and the show’s cast, her wish was granted. According to “Good Morning America,” the cast organized a visit for Izzy and her family to the set of “Grey’s Anatomy.” They got to spend an entire day with the cast. “It was honestly pretty surreal and it took me a little while to process what it was like and that I was actually there,” Izzy told “Good Morning America”. “It was honestly a really, really cool experience.”


Has anyone ever surprised you with something absolutely amazing? Tell us about it in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!