10 Places Americans Say They Will Avoid Even After They Reopen

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Most businesses can’t wait for the country to reopen so the sales can start pouring in. But, that might not happen, depending on the type of business you run. According to a weekly survey of consumer attitudes about the pandemic, many Americans are just not willing to go to certain places when they reopen. That being said, here are ten businesses Americans say they will avoid even after the country is up and running again.

10. Movie Theaters

Movie Theater
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Many movie theaters in the United States have stayed open during the COVID-19 pandemic. But, with many people choosing to stay home, ticket sales have fallen 30 percent or more. It’s a trend that theaters hope won’t last. Unfortunately for them, many consumers are still not comfortable going to the movies. More than half (55 percent) of consumers surveyed said that they plan to stay away from movie theaters when the ones that closed during the pandemic begin reopening.

Fortunately, for avid moviegoers, drive-in theaters are making a comeback. “Drive-in movies are offering a ‘socially distanced’ alternative to traditional movie theaters,” Business Insider said in an article published on its website. This may very well be a viable solution “for those needing some semblance of human interaction outside of the home,” Business INSIDER wrote.

9. Concerts

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According to the survey, 53 percent of respondents said they were not in a hurry to start going to concerts again once the country reopens. Thankfully, there are many artists who have been giving concerts online and on television for their fans. For example, Keith Urban has live-streamed acoustic sets on social media. And, Spanish-language TV network Telemundo hosted a virtual concert featuring more than 30 Latin music artists who performed from their own homes or studios.

FYI, if you’re interested in attending a virtual concert, you might be able to catch one on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Just check your favorite artist’s page for updates.