10 Polite Habits Restaurant Workers Secretly Hate

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It may sound crazy that someone would dislike polite habits, but it’s absolutely true — especially when those habits are more disruptive than they are helpful. With that said, here are ten polite things restaurant patrons do that workers secretly hate.

10. Seating Yourself

Man Sitting In Cafe
Source: Pixabay

There’s a reason why you see that sign near the front door that says “Please wait here to be seated.” Restaurants have a system for seating people that actually makes the restaurant run more smoothly and efficiently. Seating yourself will just make things difficult for both the host and the servers. So, if you don’t see the host upon arrival, just wait it out a few minutes. After that, you can try to get someone’s attention so you can be seated.

9. Cleaning Up After Yourself

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While it’s perfectly normal (and expected) to do this in certain situations, it’s best to leave the cleaning to the staff when you’re in a restaurant. That’s because they have their own system for cleaning. And, when you stack all your used plates on top of each other at the end of your meal, it may seem to you like you’re being helpful, but it just makes for an icky, inconvenient mess for the staff.

Here’s something else you may not have known: Creating “clean-up” baskets/trays at fast food restaurants is considered rude. Instead, separate the wrappers and bags from the baskets and trays and throw them away.

Lastly, if you make a mess, leave it alone. Sounds crazy, right? But, instead of trying to clean it up yourself, let the staff do it. This is especially true if you knock over something breakable. The last thing the restaurant wants is for you to pick up broken glass. Just alert them to the mess and apologize for the mistake.