10 Reasons Why Jennifer Lawrence is Just Awesome

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10 Reasons That Makes Jennifer Lawrence Better Than You

Jennifer Lawrence, one of the hottest super models, actors, writers, and so much more – apparently enjoys indulging on a few drinks at work. But who cares, if getting drunk gets her to come up with blockbusters like Hunger Games and Joy, then Jennifer drink to your fill. Your fans are eager to see the best out of you. She is a real boss, a great actor on screen and a brilliant human being in real life. Lets go over a few reasons Jennifer Lawrence is just awesome.

10. She Doesn’t Support Sexualization of Young Women On Screen

Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t support the sexualization of young models on screen. She believes that entertainment industry has a lot more potential to debut young girls with exciting roles and not presenting them as a sex model on the big screen. Well we agree with her!

9. She is Hard To Discourage

One thing great thing about Jennifer Lawrence, you will find her laugh at her silly mistakes without any sign of embarrassment. She will make you feel that she is a supergirl with her emotions. A girl with clear concepts about life.

8. She Is Down To Earth and Hates To Get Overexposed

Jennifer Lawrence hates to show up in constant paparazzi pictures or Twitter feuds. Even during the promotions of her own films, it is hard to find that girl anywhere on Earth. She believes in creating a sense of excitement and suspense in her viewers and that is another reason why we love her so much.

7. Jennifer Lawrence Never Tweets Nor Has a Snapchat Account

Well, it is understandable why Jennifer Lawrence hates Twitter accounts, but her absence on snapchat makes her a really anti-social celebrity that only likes to get praised for her gracious acting and beautiful voice.

6. She’s Down to Earth

Here’s some proof from the Oscars this year. Jennifer Lawrence was caught eating pizza wearing an incredible Dior dress. She didn’t care one single bit about the presence of top celebrities around her. She likes to do whatever she wants and she is more than a mere celebrity.

5. Jennifer Hates Exercising

Well, she has been called fat behind the screen and was warned about her downfall in the film industry. However, she believed in herself and would you believe it that she never gives a damn about diet and exercising. She likes how she is and that’s why we like her the most.

4. Jennifer Is An Incredible Singer

Well, we are sure you all have seen Mockingjay, in the later half of the sequel , Jennifer’s voice is like a voice of rain drops falling from the sky. So truthful and so refreshing that no one cant resist seeing that sequel again and again just because of that song and her beautiful voice.

3. She Cares for Her Fans

Jennifer Lawrence is an incredible person in real life. At the Oscars she was being interviewed by the BBC when she saw a young girl sitting on a wheel chair crying. The little girl wasn’t able to see the ceremony and Jennifer left the interview abruptly and went to comfort this young girl.

2. Jennifer Hates Politics

Jennifer Lawrence hated Donald Trump’s anti-immigrants speeches. Jennifer believes that Americans can’t be called a nation without these immigrants. All immigrants living in United States have the same right to be called an American as any other man or woman living there.

1. She Captivates You

Jennifer Lawrence is an angel on the big screen. With her sharp and innocent looks she will get to the last vein of your heart without letting you know about it. She is a super women in her real life, a great friend in gathering and a great human being to write about.

At the end, Jennifer Lawrence is one of the actors who is really just like us. She is a humble, courageous and down to earth woman who accidentally found her way to the big screen and then never looked back. She really is an inspiration to new female actors in film industry, but also to her fans.