10 Reasons Supporting We Live In A Simulation

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9.	Computers and robotics are unimaginable now

In the old days, philosophers like Plato would attempt to mystify the world with his wild speculations that proposed that what we see, feel and touch may not be as real as we think. It was easy to laugh off those claims many decades ago when the world was largely undeveloped. However, with the dawn of technology and our obvious dependence on digitality, it is hard not to give these claims a further look. Is there a chance that the world we live in is one big simulation?

Now, it may seem like someone, somewhere is trying to piece together the weirdest list of all time. but don’t give up on us just yet. We’ve come prepared with 10 reasons supporting we live in a simulation. Chances are that if you make it to the end, you would agree with us as well.

So in no particular order, let’s get right into it:

1. Obvious Defects

Do you notice glitches or screeching sounds in your video games? Those are likely problems with the back-end (programmed codes) of the game.

Do you see many surprising similarities in the world often? No? What about Déjà vu’s? Is there a chance that when something seems weirdly familiar, the simulation could be malfunctioning? Is there a chance that miracles are actually real, but they are only possible because someone found a cheat code for the simulation we call life?

You probably won’t be convinced at this point quite yet, but these stunningly obvious defects are actually just a faulty simulation.

2. Why is everything quantifiable?

Binaries are certainly not the simplest of all math topics. However, they have some striking similarities to cells (as in biology) so pay attention to this one. Binaries are currently used to make up simulations for video games and unique virtual worlds, Everything in the world is perfectly quantifiable by numbers and math. Now, if everything takes its roots from numbers there is little doubt that the world we live in is a simulation.

3. The Anthropic Principle

If things were a little different than are today, we could be living in a pool of disaster on earth. If we were just a couple thousand miles closer to the sun, the human race could be extinct already. If gravity on earth was any different we could be living a very frustrating and bouncy life. There are many more analogies just like this one.

But no! The strength of gravity, the distance from the sun, and the space between planets are all just perfectly convenient for us. Things are only that perfect in a virtual world of a simulation because a genius designed it all.

4. There Is No Reality Until You Recognize It

Modern day video games are so seamlessly created that you may not get this point if you didn’t play on consoles like Sega, but we’ll make the point nonetheless. In these video games, when you finished with a level or scenario, do you think life continues on from there? No right? it only forms when you walk into the said stage or scene. Sometimes, you get the pleasure of seeing things unfold in these video games if you move quickly.

In similar fashion, our realities only unfold when we make a move in a certain direction or event.

5. General phenomena of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics

No part of science has suggested that we live in a virtual world more than the concepts of relativity and quantum mechanics. In the simulation theory, the existence of a 2D world is a bold argument. The 3D features we see are all just an effect of a simple hologram made possible by very thin, vibrating strings.

6. Imagine God or Allah or Buddha (anyone you believe in) as a Programmer

People have considered concepts they do not understand as ‘works of the gods’ throughout the ages. When science had further developed and these mysteries were understood, god was taken out of the equation and when science prevailed. So think about this possibility. The creator of the world has to be the most adept and perfect programmer out there. The world and life we live in could be a big masterclass of a simulation.

7. Away from the Earth

Check this out; if the earth is the perfect simulation created by the programmer who put the universe together, what about his/her other works? The other planets? They are a mess or maybe they are just a work in progress because they are largely unstable. In a few thousand years the creator (programmer) might complete another masterclass of life form in them. Perhaps!

8. People Outside your Life

Do you ever skip past a group of people unknown to you and wonder what they are doing with their lives? What they are so busy doing? In the end you just decide that they are not important, and that’s because they aren’t. They are merely there to complete your life’s stage like the video game, Grand Theft Auto.

9. Computers and Robotics are Unimaginable Now

Only a few weeks ago, male and female sex dolls were rolled out and they were unimaginably real to an extent. It takes careful attention to know these creations aren’t actually human. Now, if a schooled programmer and team could put together such a creation, how hard can it be for the unknown and masterful programmer to engineer our reality?

10. It’s Going to Take a Source of Power

If the world were a simulation, it should take a mighty power source to run right? Well, what does the sun and solar energy say to you? Our virtual reality is powered by the undying energy from the sun. Take a cue from the quick effect solar energy has on plants, it also plays a part in us.

Are these scary facts? They shouldn’t be!

They really don’t change anything about life. We simply put this list together to broaden your grasp of the world we live in.

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