10 Secrets Hotel Maids Want To Tell You But Can’t

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Hotel Maids

What is the toughest job you can have? You could answer that question in many ways. Hotel maid would have to be strongly considered. It’s very physical work that places a lot of demands on the body. Beyond that, there are all kinds of things they encounter that can make the day tougher. There can be all kinds of messes, customers that treat them terribly or as if the hotel maid is beneath them. The pay is generally terrible. And sometimes, guests don’t intend to be rude or mean, but simply aren’t aware of some of the things the staff goes though. That’s where we come in. Here are 10 things the people in charge of ensuring you have a quality room want you to know.

10. They are vulnerable to assault

Vulnerable To Assault

The vast majority of the people that fill this role are female. Some face unwanted advances from hotel management. Many more face advances from guests in the rooms. There have been reports of male guests answering the knock on the door wearing only a towel or underwear or wearing nothing at all. Some guests will go further, attempting to grope or even rape the maid. “These problems happen with some regularity,” said Anthony Roman, chief executive of Roman & Associates, a Long Island company that advises hotels on security matters. “They’re not rare, but they’re not common either.” Without focusing too much on the words used to describe the frequency, what remains is that this a danger they have to prepare for.

9. They’re always pressed for time

Pressed For Time

There is a certain number of rooms each person is expected to clean each day and a specific amount of time to take care of each room. This could be as little as 15-20 minutes for each room. They are regularly under pressure from the management to clean rooms faster. This is especially difficult if guests leave major messes all over the bedroom and bathroom. Some tasks may have to be left undone, such as vacuuming, scrubbing the tub thoroughly or cleaning under the bed. Speaking of guests that leave giant messes…

8. They appreciate tidy guests

Tidy Guests

With the regular pressure to clean more rooms in less time, it makes their day when a guest doesn’t create a giant cleanup job. The guest can make the cleaners’ jobs much easier by making sure all trash is in the trash can, all the used linens and towels are in a single pile and flush the toilet. Some maids estimate that 1 in 3 guests don’t flush the toilet, incredible as it may seem. And speaking of the toilet…