10 Signs You Have Scored a Great Hotel Room

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Great Hotel Room

Whether you are a frequent traveler or enjoying a rare vacation, your hotel room becomes your home away from home. When reserving a hotel room from a distance, it can be challenging to know precisely what you are getting. You may end up slumbering in peace or backing out of a sketchy location in disgust. Fortunately, online reviews take some of the guesswork out of selecting a hotel room. Additionally, you can check out these ten signs that you have chosen your hotel accommodations wisely.

10. Proximity to the Sights You Will be Visiting

Although you are only staying at your hotel for a short period of time, having an ideal location is key. Depending on the purpose of your stay, you may have different criteria in mind. If you are looking for a quiet getaway, you may be seeking a hotel away from the bustle, noise, and chaos of a crowded city. Conversely, if you will be out and about, you may seek a location within walking distance of local tourist sights and restaurants. A hotel that allows easy access to the places you need to go is a great score.

9. Safety of the Surrounding Location

Safety Surrounding

No matter how close the attractions, if your hotel is in a sketchy location, you may not be able to settle in comfortably. You can help ensure a safe location by checking hotel reviews and checking travel sites such as TripAdvisor or Travelocity. Safety is just as important as comfort, convenience, and cleanliness. Once you arrive, if a location makes you feel uneasy, listen to your instincts, and book a new location if necessary.

8. Cleanliness


In order to truly relax, you will want a hotel room that is clean and sanitary. Crisp sheets, fluffy towels, and a fresh scent are signs your room is clean and well-attended. While your room should not smell like old sneakers or cigarette smoke, the scent of bleach or room freshener should not be hanging in the air. Clean, white caulking in the bathroom is another sign that you have found a clean, hygienic place to call your home for the evening. It goes without saying, you will want to avoid any hotel with signs of bed bugs, cockroaches, or rodents.

7. The Comfort of the Bed

A hotel room functions as a comfortable place to lay your head and get some shuteye before facing the adventures or tasks of the next day. As such, it is critical that the bed is a comfortable spot to slumber. Clean, crisp linens, a supportive mattress, and a choice of soft or firm pillows make for sweet dreams and a restorative night of sleep. Cozy blankets can provide a welcoming cocoon from the exhaustion of travel. Meanwhile, keep in mind that hotel bedspreads are not usually washed as frequently as the sheets. Therefore, you may want to consider these items decorations rather than blankets.

6. The Attentiveness of the Staff


A smiling doorman, a polite desk clerk, and friendly housekeeping staff are signs the hotel is prepared to provide you with a comfortable stay. A good hotel, whether it is a luxury hotel or a more budget-friendly location, will go the distance to make sure you have a good experience. Friendly, smiling personnel are signs that the employees enjoy their jobs and are well compensated. You may require extra towels, an additional blanket, or even a replacement for your forgotten toothbrush. Your hotel should be prepared to accommodate these requests politely and efficiently.

5. On-Site Amenities

When you are living out of a suitcase, certain amenities make staying in a hotel a little more bearable. If you are traveling with children, a hotel pool is an ideal spot for providing the kids with entertainment and tiring them out for a good night’s sleep. An on-site workout facility can help you to keep up with your exercise routine and work off the extra pounds from eating out while traveling. A hotel gift shop that provides snacks, toiletries, or a bottle of Tums can be a real convenience.

4. Bottled Water

Bottled Water

You know you have scored a good room if it comes furnished with a bottle of water—especially if it doesn’t have a price tag attached. Flying and driving can be dehydrating, and little perks like a bottle of water can make a real difference to your jet-lagged body. Not all hotels provide this little convenience for free. However, many hotels do have water dispensers in the lobby. You will really feel special if the water is infused with fruit or cucumber and is accompanied by a selection of cookies.

3. Coffee


Many hotels provide coffee in the main lobby in addition to hosting on-site coffee shops. However, if you are not a morning person, nothing beats that single-serve coffee pot and sachet of coffee to get you going first thing in the morning. If coffee percolating next to your bed isn’t your style, you may prefer placing an order for a room service breakfast. Nothing says luxury like being awakened by a knock on the door and a steaming mug of coffee and the breakfast of your choice.

2. Instructions for Room Amenities

Nowadays, wi-fi is critical for keeping up with work, friends, and family while on the go. You know you have scored a good hotel room if you find instructions for the wi-fi at your fingertips. It is also helpful if your hotel provides instructions for using the television, finding local television channels, and adjusting the room temperature. Other ways a hotel can make your stay easier is by providing a guide to local restaurants, shops, attractions, and transportation.

1. Availability of Toiletries


It is not unusual to arrive at a destination only to discover you have forgotten your toothpaste, comb, or hair conditioner. A good hotel will provide for those forgotten necessities. If you discover you have arrived without your toothbrush, don’t assume you will have to locate the nearest drug store. Instead, call down to the front desk to see if the hotel may be able to provide you with a replacement. According to Mint Nation, your hotel may also have a disposable razor, sewing kit, mouthwash, and stationery available for the asking.