10 Signs You’re at a Bad Restaurant

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7. Lots of Errors

Multiple Mistakes
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Everyone messes up every now and then, but if you’re in a restaurant and one mistake after another keeps happening, perhaps you should reconsider dining there. As we said a minute ago, sometimes restaurants can get very busy. And, when things get really hectic, mistakes are bound to happen. But, if the drinks and appetizers aren’t right, they bring your hot meal out cold, they bring out your appetizer with the main course, and all the entrees are mixed up, it’s a red flag that the service there isn’t all that great.

6. It’s Empty

Empty Restaurant
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If the restaurant is empty during peak hours or if the staff perks up when you come in because you’re the first customer they’ve had in a long time, that’s a clue that something is wrong. It could be that the food or customer service is bad, or it could be that the food is overpriced.

TIP: While you’re still in the vestibule, ask to see a menu. If everything looks a bit costly, then you know that it’s likely the restaurant is empty due to its high prices and not its bad food or customer service. Now, if you don’t mind paying $40 for chicken, go inside and dine. You just may find your meal and overall experience quite enjoyable.

5. It’s in a Bad Location

Food Sign Interstate
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If a restaurant is located near a major train station, don’t count on the food there being all that good. According to Traveller.com, they most likely cater to people who want something to eat in a hurry and are not counting on getting any repeat business. The same holds true if it happens to be within sight of a major tourist attraction. Not only will the food be mediocre, it’s also likely to be overpriced. Stansbury suggests heading to the restaurants where all the locals are dining instead. That indicates “that at least some diners are there because of its reputation,” she told Reader’s Digest.