10 Simple Steps To Make the Perfect Hot Dog

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8. Simmer Them Before Grilling

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Elias Cairo, owner and meat master Salumist of Olympia Provisions, told TODAY that he recommends simmering hot dogs in water for about 3 to 5 minutes before grilling. This gives them a bit of moisture before putting them on the grill heat.

And, for added flavor and to keep the natural casings from bursting on the grill, Cairo suggests simmering sausages in hoppy ale.

“If you really want to kick it up a notch, simmer it in beer first and then grill,” Cairo says.

7. Get the Temperature Just Right

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Getting the temperature on your grill just right is key to cooking the perfect hot dog. According to an article published by TODAY, medium or just under that is the right amount of heat. This is about 400 to 425 degrees.

If, however, the grill is cooling off, you won’t get good results. The same thing can be said if the grill is way too hot. Yes, many people like a bit of charring on their hot dogs, but they don’t want them so charred that they end up burnt.