10 Simple Steps To Make the Perfect Hot Dog

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6. Make Sure the Charcoal Has Turned White in Color

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Before adding any hot dogs to your grill, make sure the charcoal has turned white in color. Once they’ve ashed over, spread them out using tongs and replace the top grate. You’ll need to let this heat up for a few minutes. Then, you can add your hot dogs.


  • Don’t cook your hot dogs over direct heat or an open flame.
  • Season the grill with a little bit of oil to ensure each part of the hot dog is grilled evenly.

5. Don’t Puncture Your Hot Dogs


Some people suggest making a few slits in your hot dogs before putting them on the grill to prevent them from shrinking. But, according to an article published by Nathan’s Famous, that’s the worst thing you can do.

That’s because puncturing the hot dogs before putting them on the grill allows the juices to escape once placed on the heat. As a result, you’ll end up with tough and dry hot dogs. You’ll probably end up with some very unhappy guests, too, if you happen to be throwing a backyard bash.