10 Strange Things Discovered by the TSA

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6. A Chain Saw

Chain Saw

Believe it or not, you can bring a chain saw with you on your flight — as long as it’s in your checked luggage and it isn’t leaking fumes.

Anywho, I guess an Albany International Airport traveler didn’t get the memo because he or she thought it was perfectly fine to bring their chain saw in their carry-on bag.

And, apparently, a Chicago O’Hare traveler didn’t get the memo either, as the chain saw they brought with them had fuel vapors wafting out of their bag.

That being said, make sure you clean your chain saw before packing it and make sure you pack it in your checked bag and not in your carry-on. Oh yeah, and if you’re unsure if a specific airline will allow you to travel with your chain saw, just give them a call ahead of time to find out if it’s okay.

5. A Sword


The TSA had a good laugh when a San Antonio traveler thought it would be okay to bring a replica of a “Lord of the Rings” sword through a security checkpoint. The administration took to Instagram to post a photo of the sword along with a bunch of “Lord of the Rings” joke references:

“Listen, we know you’ve been rambling on ever since you lost your girl so fair in the darkest depths or Morodor, but your sword needs to be packed with your checked luggage,” the post read.

“Whether you’re a Ranger of the North or a United States Marine, we knew you need to travel with your sword,” the post continued. “It’s fine; just place it in your checked baggage.”