10 Subscription Services To Try When Stuck At Home

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Subscription Box

So many of us are stuck at home more often now. Your family may be getting on your nerves; you may be getting on theirs. We are discovering things about ourselves, our environment and the world!

Are you searching for innovative ways to stay occupied and joyful? Many organizations are offering various subscriptions that can appeal to everyone during this pandemic. Check out the list below to discover a subscription box that is right for you.

10. The Book of the Month Club

Book Of The Month
Source: Real Simple

What an adventure for book-lovers. The staff faithfully goes through thousands of books to whittle them down to the five best for each month! You can have a great book on your hand every month to help you pass the time, discover other worlds and mentally travel to places you wish to go to. You get fabulous discounts on bestsellers, and you can skip a month if you’re still reading from the previous month. Subscribe away!

9. Mask Box

K Beauty Box
Source: Fashionista

This box is all about self-care and staying fabulous around the house! The K-beauty products allow you to customize your masks based on your skin type. How cool! Spas near you are probably closed, so the K-Beauty mask box can act as your at-home spa. Subscribers get at least three Korean mask sheets, and you can choose from more than four skin types to match your skin. Get your glow on!

8. Memories In Moments

Source: Allison Carter Celebrates

For memorable family time, this is a subscription activity that brings out everyone’s creative, fun side. It will test your craft skills while creating long-lasting memories.

You will receive a fully loaded package with DIY craft and decor activity items to keep you occupied every other month. There are several well-organized themes to choose from. For example, there is a Halloween and Winter box!

7. Fresh Baked Cookie Crate

Cookie Crate
Source: Hello Subscription

Just what the family needs, a cookie baking subscription that takes care of everyone’s sweet tooth. You’ll receive a box of pre-measured and vacuum-sealed cookie baking ingredients. The ingredients are hand-crafted to create your own gourmet style pastries that rival any established bakery. They will even customize a specially requested theme for you, or you can opt for their own gift themes and surprises!

6. Escape the Crate

Escape The Crate
Source: Escape The Crate

This monthly subscription offers creative avenues to escape boredom and create excitement around the home. You’ll become a detective and a solver of puzzles with all the gadgets and adventure-creating tools. You will be building an escape island right in the comfort of your room. The content in the box is sure to impress and keep you busy.

5. Crated With Love

Crated With Love
Source: Andersons Angels

Here is a great one for two love birds. Are you stuck at home with your significant other and running out of things to do? Get a box of love to help! Welcome pre-curated late night games and suspenseful activities into your home that will engage your senses. The box theme changes each month and will have you bonding with your partner in new, fun ways. The monthly date night box features four to six activities and challenges that help you remember why you connected that first time.

4. Hygge Box

Source: A Year of Boxes

What a treasure! Especially at a time like this. The Hygge box will make you feel all cuddly and warm inside. This box brings excitement, anticipating what you’ll receive month to month. Plus, it will help relieve you of stress when you really want to be out and about and can’t.

You receive a box of five to seven comforting seasonal items from around the globe! Cozy up with hot cocoa, chocolate biscuits, precious books and tools to write your thoughts and express gratitude.

3. Mind Wanderer

Mind Wanderer
Source: Hello Subscription

The mind wanderer thoughtfully provides a self-care therapy inspired box at your door! Have some self-actualizing, soothing support and resources during these strange times. You’ll receive items such as candles, snacks, journals and so much more! Take some time to yourself to reflect and pamper. Your anxiety will begin to decrease as your self-confidence increases.

2. Succulently Monthly

Source: DJ Connection

Succulents are cute plants that don’t require much care. It is soothing and exhilarating to have a box of these delivered at your door each month! Depending on your subscription size, you will receive lovely planters, the correct potting mix, and handwritten care-given information. So much meticulous work goes into the preparation of this box to give you value and satisfaction.

1. Jackie’s Chocolate

Source: Urban Tastebud

Anything to pass the time! You totally deserve to indulge in the sweet treats! Each month you’ll receive some tasty truffles, artisan chocolates, enticing bonbons and more. Choose from a half up to a three-pound subscription and get your chocolates carefully packed and freshly delivered to your door!

These subscription services can support and boost morale while stuck inside—no need for us to sit around, feeling sorry for ourselves. Maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit with help from any of these boxes.