10 Surprising Ways Exterior Paint Could Boost Your Home’s Value

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If you’re thinking of selling your home, you’ll want to know you’re getting top dollar for your investment. You may not know what to do or how to add value to your home, but not to worry.

We will give you crucial tips to help you get the right paint job to dazzle a potential buyer and keep them locked to your property. The outward appearance of a home and its aesthetic landscape is the first thing that will attract or detract someone to or from your home.

One of the most important projects to take on is the exterior paint of your home. The average paint job for homes sold by Zillow in 2019 was $3,000, analysts say. Think it sounds a lot? Well, when someone snaps up your house in a wink, you’ll be smiling all the way to the bank! So here goes.

10. Tone Down Bright Colors

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Kayla Hein, Creative Director at Modern Castle, advises avoiding bright colors if you want to sell your house quickly. It’s a rare occasion when a bright home exterior is a preferred choice.

The average buyer would see a bright color and be turned off by the idea of repainting the entire exterior of the house. It is better to accentuate your home with a bright shutter or front door for uniqueness.

9. Stay Away From Yellows 


It’s no doubt that yellow is a gorgeous color that can lift spirits. And maybe in some parts of the world, it’s a hit. However, Zillow’s analysis says that yellow houses sell an average of $3500 less than other colors. Yellow tends to be another matter of choice for someone and should not be the color of a home you would like to sell as soon as possible.

8. Paint Your Door Black


Black is not a shade that comes readily to mind for a house exterior. According to Zillow’s paint Color Analysis, a black front door pops in the face of other lighter colors and can increase the price of your castle by 2.9%.

Even if a black front door is not your cup of tea, to make a few thousand more on your asking price, it’s worth every dollar! After all, you won’t be living there anymore.

7. Go Solar!

solar panels

People love to see solar panels on the top of a house. It means less electricity, less utility payout each month, and they can Go Green. Natural light is more environmentally friendly, and there is a big to-do about preserving the environment for the past few decades. Homes boasting solar panels, Zillow found, sell for 4.1% more.

6. Sage Green

sage green

You can’t go wrong going green, whether it’s solar or the actual exterior color. Home exteriors always get a boost with a lighter shade of sage. It’s fresh and neutral and contrasts perfectly with white trim and an accented black front door. Its natural hues allow it to blend well with the existing landscaping and environment. It’s not too overpowering, neither is it too dull or muted.

5. One Size Does Not Fit All Exteriors

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Every location has a particular design in housing plans and architecture. This means that the same paint color will not fit all exteriors. As you consider the best color for a home exterior, you should think about the area and the house’s architectural style.

You must know the color pallet that will work best with that homestyle, according to Christina Miguelez, a remodeling specialist at Fixr.com. She gave an example of a Victorian home. You would paint it in Victorian colors — colors that have a small amount of black. Some homes need two and three colors, while some need one solid color with an accent on trim or shutter.

4. Know the Style of Your Region

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It’s not just the style of your house that’s important. You need to pay attention to the particular styles of your region. Different areas in America have different home styles.

For example, the Midwest likes neutral colors, the South likes dark colors, New England likes coastal hues, grays and whites, while the West Coast likes colors rich in reds, greens, grays and vibrant golds.

You get a more appealing result when you work with your region’s popular colors and what works well on your house. This will help your home go quicker on the market instead of putting prospective buyers off.

3. You Are Safer With Neutrals


Neutral exteriors are more readily acceptable to a home buyer. They don’t want to be saddled with extra expenses to remove excessive coloring from the exterior. Colors like beige, taupe, light gray, white and beige-gray are the more appealing neutral colors. These help prospective homeowners make up their minds.

According to Beatrice de Jong, top LA Realtor and Consumer Trends Expert at Open Door, having subtle contrasting colors on the trim or your windowpane is an excellent way to highlight the architectural styles of your home and attract home buyers.

2. Historical Sites

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Some housing sectors are historical sites, and you don’t get the choice to repaint the exterior before you sell. The Landmark Preservation Commission may be the ones who determine the depth of colors to apply to historic homes. So ensure to consult before you go shopping for exterior paint!

1. Don’t Be Too Bold


Jason Kraus from RE/MAX Advance Realty admitted that bold exterior home colors are on the rise, such as blues, reds, yellows and greens. He warns, however, that those colors are still the preferences of existing homeowners and are not the best colors for resale. The best colors remain to be neutral colors. The focus is always to appeal to the wider-buying public, and bold colors limit buying options.