10 Things Amazon Does Not Allow You to Buy or Sell

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Amazon is every introverts favorite website. It is a place where people can buy “embarrassing items,” everyday items and, in this time of coronavirus, the best way to shop. People often say that you can purchase ANYTHING on Amazon. That is not exactly true, there are several items the retail giant does not sell, and here they are.

10. Live Animals

Live Animal Amazon

Pets, livestock and other animals are not allowed to be bought or sold on Amazon for obvious reasons. Amazon stores all of its items in massive warehouses. The items could be stored in that warehouse for weeks or even years, waiting for a buyer. These warehouses are so big that some sections go without someone walking by for days at a time. This is not a suitable environment for animals that need love, attention, roaming space, food and water. Who knows, maybe someday Amazon will open up a pet adoption center. But for now, if you would like to adopt a pet, check your local animal shelters or PetCo.

9. Wine and Tabacco

Wine And Tobacco

It is difficult for Amazon to verify a person’s age and confirm that a person is who they claim to be. Also, state and local laws are different throughout the country, making it challenging to sell alcoholic beverages online. Although some states allow wine shipping, it’s very few, and far between, so Amazon does not sell these items. It’s incredibly easy for minors to purchase online nowadays, and Amazon ensures their company is not violating any laws by taking themselves out of the alcohol market entirely.

8. Corrective Lenses 

Glasses And Contacts

If you are interested in purchasing prescription glasses or contact lenses, you won’t find either of them for sale on Amazon. What you will find are glasses frames for both men, women and children. However, these frames come without corrective lenses. You do have the option of purchasing the frames and bringing them to your optometrist to fill with your prescription. Both corrective glasses lenses and contacts need to be prescribed and fitted by a licensed optometrist. Contact lenses are not allowed to put up for sale on Amazon for unclear reasons. The only reason given is “because they do not meet the checklist requirements,” but Amazon is a little fuzzy on what exact part doesn’t meet requirements.

7. Lottery Tickets

Lottery Tickets

While Amazon does sell betting chips, cards and other casino paraphernalia, you will not find lottery tickets or coin-operated slot machines. This is because of the rules and regulations surrounding the sale of lottery tickets. These regulations vary from state to state. For instance, in Oklahoma, the state government contracts out the selling of lottery tickets to appropriate that money towards school funding.

6. Fireworks


With multiple states having banned the buying and selling of fireworks altogether, it’s no wonder this retail giant does not want anything to do with that. They don’t sell anything with gun powder in it, that includes sparklers and party snappers.

5. Lock Picking Devices

Lock Picking Devices

Amazon doesn’t sell digital decoders, code grabbers, anything that picks locks or card skimmers. This is most likely due to the liability implications that come with selling items such as these. With Amazon being one of the most profitable retailers of all time, those pockets run deep for people who may have had their house burglarized or have had any scary experiences where their personal devices were hacked.

4. Confederate Flags

Confederate Flag

Many retailers, including Amazon, came together to ban confederate flag merchandise from being sold. After the Charleston Church Massacre in 2015 that killed nine black parishioners, this ban was especially crucial for retailers to make. Valley Forge, a flag maker, stopped producing the confederate flag and told NBC News their hope for the future. A future that will foster racial unity and tolerance instead of dividing people based on their skin color.

3. Real Estate

Real Estate

While you can’t purchase real estate on the Amazon site right now, there is some talk that the retail giant may buy up Redfin. Redfin is a real estate site that sells homes. It also shows where you can rent and buy all around the United States.

2. Vehicles and Some Accessories


Amazon does not allow the buying or selling of automobiles, whether they are new or used. If you’d like to get a new or used vehicle, you’ll have to go to your local dealer or hop on sites such as Craigslist. Or, check out Carvana, an online car-buying site. Additionally, you cannot buy used tires, cell jammers, GPS jammers, laser jammers, PCS jammers, radar jammers, or wi-fi jammers on Amazon. Products that interfere with traffic lights or red dot sensor cameras are also not available on Amazon. This is so you cannot go through toll booths without paying and so that you can not escape a traffic citation for running a red light. For legal and liability purposes, Amazon doesn’t sell these items.

1. Cash, Currency, and Currency Replicators


You cannot buy or sell currency, traveler’s checks, or anything that can be used to create fake currency. You also cannot buy stock and securities, gift cards and store credit cards on this major e-commerce site. Certain pre-approved sellers can sell gift cards and store coupons, but don’t think just because you see them on other sites that you can do the same on Amazon’s without approval!

There are a few other items I’m sure we’re missing here that can not and are not sold on Amazon, but these are some of the major “no-goes” for an Amazon seller. There is a very low probability that any of these will be up for sale anytime soon. If you would like to purchase any of these items above, you’re going to have to look elsewhere. Amazon still sells plenty of things, over 600 million, to be exact!