10 Things the Movies Always Gets Wrong

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When it comes to the movies, Hollywood hardly ever gets it right. We know this from the many lies they’ve told us over the years about the high school experience. Here are some more inaccurate things you always see in movies.

10. Mealtime

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Ever notice how people in the movies always sit down for a big breakfast before heading out the door to work and school? I don’t know about you, but most people don’t have time to sit down to a full spread, much less have the time to cook all that food first thing in the morning — at least not on a weekday anyway. Most of us just grab something (e.g. a granola bar, cream cheese Danish, etc.), or perhaps nothing at all, and head out the door.

And, here’s something else you may have noticed: No one ever finishes an entire meal in the movies. Why is that?

9. Bar Life

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When it comes to bar scenes, Hollywood has made some serious goofs. For example, all you ever see bartenders doing for their entire shift is polishing glasses and wiping the bar — although you’ll occasionally see them pouring a drink or two. Which brings me to the next point. Ever notice how people just walk into a bar and tell the bartender, “I’ll have a beer.” Then, the bartender immediately begins pouring a drink. What’s wrong with that, you ask? Well, the problem is that there are so many different beers, you would need to specify which brand you wanted before the bartender could start pouring your drink.

Oh, and here’s another thing: Martinis should always be stirred, not shaken — unless of course you want a drink that’s too cloudy and over-diluted.

8. Women Running in Heels

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Yes, it’s possible to run in heels. It’s also highly likely that you’ll fall down and break something if you do. And, you certainly won’t be able to escape from an explosion or from someone chasing you if you don’t first take the time to remove your heels.

And, don’t get me started on hair. Why is it that women in the movies can engage in intense combat and walk away without so much as a strand out of place? If only it were that way in real life.

7. Pregnancy

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When a couple tries to get pregnant in the movies, they usually do so in the first month that they try. While it is possible, it’s highly unlikely. In fact, many people end up disappointed because they don’t succeed on the first try.

And, when the movies address infertility, they usually do so inaccurately. “Probably the single biggest misconception about how infertility is handled in movies is its treatment as a casual condition and not the real-life, mind-bending and life-upsetting disease that it really is,” Dr. Paul Turek, MD, FACS, FRSM, a board-certified urologist and men’s fertility and sexual health expert, told BUSINESS INSIDER.

6. Air Vent Getaways

Air Vent
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When characters need to make a getaway, nine times out of ten they’re going to head for the air vents. And, if any of you have ever seen an air vent, then you already know what the problem is with these kinds of scenes. First, real air vent openings are about the size of a toddler. Second, they’re not made to hold the weight of an adult. So, unless it’s a baby trying to crawl up inside of there, these getaway plans definitely won’t work in real life.

5. Guns

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When it comes to gunfire, Hollywood gets it wrong just about every time. Here are a few examples:

In the movies…

You need to cock a pistol’s hammer back to fire. Actually, the weapon is already good to go. However, pulling the hammer back does shorten the time it takes for the gun to fire — only by a fraction of a second, though.
Guns automatically go off when you drop them. Current safety standards for guns actually prevent this from happening, although it was totally possible 100 years ago.
A gunshot can knock you backwards through the air. If this were true, the bullet would be more likely to pass right through you as opposed to hitting a focused area with a lot of force.
Guns never run out of ammunition. Anyone with any experience with guns — or even anyone past a certain age for that matter — knows that guns must be reloaded. But, of course it’s much more exciting to see someone fire off about 200 rounds nonstop from a handgun.
Guns can be fired into bodies of water. The truth is when a bullet hits the water, it breaks apart and slows down. So, unless someone is floating on top of the water, chances are the bullet won’t hit them.

4. People’s Reactions to Explosions

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Notice how when there’s a big explosion in an action movie, the hero dramatically walks slowly away from the blast with debris flying all around him or her, yet they manage to come out unscathed? Reality check! If you were that close to an explosion, chances are you wouldn’t make it. And, you certainly wouldn’t be walking away in a dramatic fashion. You’d likely be running for your life. And, if you do happen to make it out alive, you’d have some pretty serious injuries that would need immediate medical attention.

3. There are Only Two Cities in the U.S.

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At least that’s the way Hollywood makes it seem. Can you count the number of movies that are based in Los Angeles or New York City? Of course not. There’s way too many of them. But, I bet you can count the number of movies that aren’t based there.

It’s not just the movies, though. It’s the same way on TV, too — especially when it comes to crime dramas. I guess there’s more crime in New York and LA than there is anywhere else in the United States.

2. New York City

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Speaking of New York, did you know that most of the movies set in NYC are not actually set in the real New York City? Yep, it’s true. For example, most of the buildings in the Big Apple are covered with green scaffolding. Plus, actual New York City apartments are much smaller — about half the size, to be exact — than the ones you see on the big screen. And, believe it or not, New Yorkers rarely talk to or interact with their neighbors.

1. Super Smart Airline Pilots

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When Reddit user Kattsu-Don asked fellow Redditors what it is that the movies gets wrong about their profession, Redditor thepilotboy had this to say:

“Airline pilot. I don’t do cocaine nor am I an alcoholic, and neither are 99.9% of the other airline pilots.
“We aren’t all in the military/ex-military.
“Also, we (pilots in general) aren’t some elite breed of people who are super smart or had super good grades. I was a s*** student in high school and college.
“The guy that is flying your plane is probably just that dorky kid in high school that really liked planes.”


What other inaccuracies have you noticed in the movies? Tell us about it in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!