10 Things You Should Never Do to Your Car

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5. Don’t Use the Wrong Coolant

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Doing so can ruin your engine and all the cooling system components. For example, you can cause premature failure to the radiator, heater pipes, heater core, and water pump. You can also end up damaging the plastic and rubber seals and gaskets. Check the owner’s manual for the recommended coolant for your car and stick to using that. The recommended coolant will be compatible with the specific metals used in your car’s engine and cooling system.

TIP: Don’t mix different coolants either. They won’t be compatible, and one could end up reducing the effectiveness of the other.

4. Don’t Mix Up Brake Fluid and Power Steering Fluid

Brake Fluid
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According to an article published by Reader’s Digest, this happens more than you might think. It’s quite easy to do after all, since the bottles can look so similar. Unfortunately, this can be a costly mistake–up to $1,000 to be exact. Putting power steering fluid in the brake fluid reservoir can cause the brakes to fail. And, putting brake fluid into the power steering reservoir can cause the pump and steering gear to fail.

TIP: Don’t use a “universal” fluid in your power steering or transmission. They may not necessarily be compatible with your transmission and power steering system.

3. Don’t Tow Your Car with the Wheels Down

Tow Truck
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If you have an automatic transmission car, don’t tow it with the drive wheels down–unless of course you want to destroy it, then by all means knock yourself out. Towing it with the drive wheels down signals to the car that the transmission is being “run.” The problem with that is that it’s being run without proper lubrication. That’s because when the engine isn’t running, the torque converter doesn’t pump pressurized fluid through the transmission. “It’s like running the engine without an oil pump, and the results can be just as ugly,” CNN wrote on its website. The best way to tow your car is on a rollback.