10 Things You Should Never Do to Your Car

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2. Don’t Pressure Wash Your Engine

Power Washing
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If you’re one of the folks who thinks pressure washing your engine is okay, please stop it now–especially if you have a modern car. If you don’t, you’ll run the risk of damaging the sensitive electronics, a.k.a. sensors, wiring harnesses, etc., fitted to your car’s computer-controlled engine. As a result, you could cause intermittent malfunctions. If a squeaky clean engine is what you desire, save yourself a lot of headache–and money–and degrease it with a garden hose instead.

1. Don’t Put Oversized Bass Reflectors and Subwoofers in Your Trunk

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Not just because some people find the loud music annoying, but because these big audio systems can actually make your alternator and charging system work overtime, and, as a result, will rapidly drain your battery. And, not only will the battery have to be replaced frequently, but the alternator can fail prematurely. And, since the alternator keeps the battery charged, the car might not run right or may stop running altogether. But, if you insist on installing one of these audio systems, you might want to consider also installing a high-output alternator.


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