10 Things You Should Never Do When Staying at a Hotel

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7. Don’t Order Room Service if the Menu is Dirty

Room Service Trays
Source: Wikimedia Commons By Simon Harriyott from Uckfield, England [CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)]

Last month, we told you that if the menus at a restaurant are a mess, it’s a sign that you’re about to dine at a bad restaurant and you should find some place else to eat. Well, the same thing goes for hotel room service. If the menu is dirty, don’t order anything! That’s according to the Travel Channel, who says that you should never order from room service if you notice that the pages are dirty and torn. But, even if you do decide to place an order, Reader’s Digest says that there are certain things you probably shouldn’t order from room service anyway regardless of the menu condition because they don’t hold up too well under steamy room service plates. These foods include scrambled eggs, burgers, fried foods, steamed vegetables, waffles, pizza, pastries, and pasta.

6. Don’t Bring Your Pets

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Unless you’ll be staying in a pet-friendly hotel, leave your furry friends behind. And, don’t think about sneaking them in either. No matter how well you think you’ve cleaned up after your pet, chances are the hotel staff will know he or she was there. And, that could mean you’d be responsible for any cleaning fees associated with any trails–hair, smells, etc.–your pet left behind.

Not to mention that the hotel could end up finding out about it before you leave, like the time a front desk hotel worker went to a room and found four ladies gutting a seal. “Can’t imagine how pissed the housekeeping staff was about that… From the looks of it they weren’t trying very hard to keep the guts and juices from getting everywhere,” the worker said on RateMyJob.com.

5. Don’t Use the Coffee Pot

Coffee Maker
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Well, this isn’t one of those “don’t ever do this” things, but it’s one you definitely might want to keep in the back of your mind. That’s because a Super 8 worker once found something pretty disgusting in the coffee pot in a hotel room they were cleaning. Apparently, someone had pooped where the coffee grounds are supposed to go and made a pot of poop water. The worker threw the whole thing in the dumpster and went to the owner to ask for a new pot but was told to go get the old one and bleach it. The worker quit right away.